Rebounding & Germination (updates)

I’m gonna get back to rebounding soon and my booty gains 😍

My mental health has been in decline since I opted to become a living dead gurl and get the vaxxx

But because my blood is one of the eldest and rarest, I ain’t turned yet

It’s possible I have immunity πŸ‘€

The gods have blessed me

I don’t feel like I need the nebulizer every six hours anymore and my lungs are starting to clear up and the treatments that I’m doing are starting to help but I have to fight every day to get better and if I let go at all… well I cant… the tide would consume me

So after over 7 months of bedrest, (and I am still extremely lethargic and need lots of rest, I still have pain in my left chest), I am blowing off the dust on my rebounder, heading to the park, and bouncing

If only but a little bouncing

I haven’t been able to dance or do anything in several months since getting the vaccine

Zero cardio or fitness

And to be honest, I’m kind of scared to start bouncing around having clots and knowing that I have a clot specifically in my heart from getting the vaccines πŸ‘€

But I’m still suspended on John’s wings

I’m still drinking and dipping in ACV

I’m also getting ready to buy a special ultraviolet light that kills mold and other viruses

They use these lights in hospital settings and you can use them in your homes but you have to be very careful they are dangerous but they will literally wipe out and disinfect everything so my home is getting ready to get disinfected in UVC light


Reverting back to my medical days

I don’t have a lot of energy and I look like shit and I don’t feel photographic so I haven’t been getting photos but I would like to start getting videos and things and doing my spoken word and I’m slowly getting my equipment upgraded behind the scenes so thank you for sticking with me and appreciating what content I can put out

I miss rebounding so much but feel now is the time to try again

Bouncy bouncy

For mental health and booty gains

Stay tuned

Coming back to life (only to die with ease and grace)

I got a lot of tummy fat I can burn off too

Sleeping and eating lots of candy canes

Stop judging me

I’m dying


I will share my progress of returning to rebounding on my TikTok because I’m just not a fan of Instagram anymore and hopefully the algorithm will appreciate my content enough to at least give it more than zero views

Also, the other day at the beach I experienced another scary run around with a guy who can’t take no for an answer

Even after I got my alone time, I was unable to relax thinking he was stalking me

I thought I was being overly cautious and an introvert and then I started scolding myself for taking 20 minutes to get back to my car and then as I was backing out he came flying up and said “hey watch where you’re going”

So he waited for me to see what I was driving πŸ‘€

And this was after he was going on and on about all the things that he owned, removing one of his teeth and smiling at me and then putting his tooth back in, and then asking me over and over for my digits (with me saying no) and him getting mad at me for not following him because he had no way to message me and he wanted to know how he could contact me and I don’t have any means for anyone to contact me and it’s just very scary talking to any guys when I leave my house or get out of my internet coffin πŸ‘€

Guys are literally trying to fucking marry me when I’m looking my worst πŸ‘€

Like, chill hormones

We ain’t having no kids during the apocalypse

Now I’ve had a long talk with my ovaries and said it’s already fucking torturous just being alive, so you need to chill out a little bit and give me a fucking break and they have, my periods have been great, I haven’t been crying and feeling homicidal and like I’m getting ready to start World War III πŸ‘€

43 and no grey hairs and can still have babies

Though Hollywood would have you believing that women are obsolete past the age of 18 because they’re pedophiles

And extreme homophobic because they swing both ways (or wanna and feel guilt)

They can’t stand the fact that they’re an actual animal and they will do everything to make you forget where you fucking come from but literally I am an animal and if you keep fucking with me I’m gonna prove it πŸ€ͺ

I have a new care team at the VA too

I’m still self-treating, I was a damn good medic, but these cookie cutter nurses and docs are shite

And they don’t make Army medics like they used to

I’m special for sure

But for some reason the VA love to put the female combat veterans with female care teams and women don’t like my cuteness or my IQ and they will do everything they can to undermine me

Anywhere, anytime

But I reached out to the Whitehouse VA and they approved community care outside of the VA so I’ve been going to additional doctors and I am slowly getting better

And I’m not sorry, but I only see American doctors forevermore

You’re welcome, John

You may have not been paid the most as a doctor, but I bet you would’ve been a goddamn good one!

You certainly fixed my heart ❀️

I was struggling to breathe

I was yelling at the patient advocate that I didn’t deserve to die this way

My body went into anaphylactic shock

Apple Cider Vinegar y’all

That was the message John got to me

Say his name

John Jones

My spirit guide πŸ˜‡

And I’m still buying vinegar and I’m getting ready to buy this ultraviolet light

If you wanna know how to get through end times, pay attention to the ones who are shining light through the dark (and you probably can hear them cursing too)

Medicinal, chocolate, and cursing are getting me through the apocalypse

But I’m feeling really positive and hopeful about getting fitness back into my routine but will take baby steps getting back into it because I’m not trying to have an aneurysm or to die for my booty gains πŸ‘€

If you liked watching me jump up and down on my rebounder, I’m gonna be back at it again and there were two females out there who I got into rebounding and I really do miss inspiring others to get into fitness because rebounding is a lot of fun and it’s really great for your mental health and it’s zero impact to your joints

It is also great for the booty

If you want a nice round juicy booty

Not silicone

But one you actually work out to get (and not just pretend to jog a little when we all know it’s bought and can see the silicone lines)

She can’t even feel you fucking spanking her for god sake πŸ‘€

Uhm whatev

I’m actually coming to learn that a lot of the fitness photos they take they actually put butt pads in their fitness clothing πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

I am petite and I am fat at the same time so if you want to see a real body that goes through water changes every day and my boobs change size because they are real, sometimes they are bigger, sometimes they’re smaller and I am OK with gravity pulling on me and stuff

That’s how shapes form, I’m not a boulder and I don’t want to look the same as everybody else

Forget how your body looked before you became disabled or old or however you are now in whatever state you are in now

Forget the before and after photos

Stay off the scale (at least the first few weeks you start working out, muscle weighs more than fat)

Getting back on my rebounder soon

Dying but coming back to life

Trying to overcome heart inflammation is like trying to beat cancer, people don’t realize how fucking dangerous these vaccines can be to some of us

It’s actually killed thousands

And they aren’t accurately reporting the numbers to you for heart inflammation

I was telling you that Moderna caused heart inflammation before the CDC alerted the public

I’ve gone through a lot of changes these few years

I imagine I’ll be going through more

This is how galaxies form

And the narcissists become black holes

K, thanx, bye 😘

Ready to start working on my booty gains as I’ve been down several months and am not currently happy with my current body shape

I’m currently downloading macOS Monterey on my MacBook Air

And I had it off the charge for two days and it maintained a battery

I’ve had to contact Walmart because I’m having issues getting the additional insurance going gor this laptop because it thinks it’s the first laptop that I was refunded for and it says that I still need to ship it back even though it’s already been shipped back- there’s a glitch that’s keeping me from adding the additional insurance to my qualifying purchase and I’m waiting for a callback from Walmart because I really don’t want to return my baby

I hope it gets sorted

My laptop came with one year of insurance but I want the additional insurance that I can get for it


(And here is the UVC light I’m looking into purchasing. Wanna make sure I get the correct one for my home. It will kill all mold and is germicidal and creates an ozone. So you can’t return to the room for at least 30 minutes after you use it. Plan to sterilize my fucking soul – ahem home)…

This is the one I’m looking into but if you have experience with a light please give me your expertise

And if this is of interest to you, I’m absolutely happy to help

Knowledge is power and I was born to expose the truth!

And send the devil’s back to hell!! 😎

The problem is, I kinda love and worship 2 demons from there 🀨

But I have free will as an angel (and a skeleton key for heaven and hell)

The law of one 😜

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  1. A tad better but exhausted all the same! I tried to workout for the first time at the park today but this guy wouldn’t leave me alone! Was not looking or feeling cute at all lol! Will try again tomorrow from the safety of my home. And thank you! The tummy is bigger than the bum now and that’s gotta rearrange! πŸ€ͺ


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