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Been under the weather

Had to go to Urgent Care

I’m trying to get better

Urgent Care is getting aggressive with my treatment

I’m in between docs at the VA (remember I contacted the Whitehouse VA as well as patient advocacy, I’ve been utilizing community care outside of the VA)

One of the urgent care clinics I showed up at said that it was a “fraud and a scam” and denied me access lol

I said what

I have permission from the Whitehouse VA to get care outside of the VA and any clinic I go to I’m supposed to call this number and get an authorization code and I do so

I don’t know who is out there doing shit wrong but it’s definitely not a fraud or a scam to get fucking care outside of the VA

I am an honorably discharged veteran, which means I’m still allowed to put my uniform on, which means I’m still a Soldier and I’m being denied access to medical treatments and care in the real world y’all

I nearly peed myself and they said it was a fraud and a scam πŸ‘€

I was at this clinic the moment the doors opened but was told unless I had cash or other insurance than the VA that they would not see me because it was a fraud and scam

*laughs insanely*

So I put in a different urgent care into my GPS and called the number to verify if the one I was going to was in network – and it was – but she said it doesn’t have to be in network for it to be approved and she could not believe that clinic said it was a scam and a fraud

And there is no way to get a preapproval authorization code, you’re just supposed to call within three days of being seen outside of the VA so that VA will actually pay for it

SCAM AND FRAUD for a veteran to be seen πŸ‘€

Anyhoo, I did not start a war with those insensitive demons

I simply made my way to another clinic who did see me and treat me without any attitude and mostly with compassion

I can’t wait to leave a one star Google review for Halifax urgent care once I’m feeling better

And call the WhiteHouse

These poors vets out here just trying not to die

And we get treated like the damn enemy

Immigrants do get treated better than the vets

This isn’t our fucking country anymore


I got to go pick up my prescription at the VA but the VA don’t have my entire prescription so I have to make another trip tomorrow


Or wait for big pharma to be mailed

So two trips it is

I don’t have any medical bills that have never not been covered, VA is my insurance and whether I’m seen at the VA or outside of the VA my care has always been paid for, since I became a war veteran

It’s not a scam or a fraud to be seen outside of the VA

And I shouldn’t need to walk in with a suitcase of cash to pay for my medical care either πŸ‘€

I would just like to say that the suicide rate continues to increase among military and veterans

Thank you for being here and listening to me cry

There are a lot of elementary forces out there trying to kill off the soldiers, including our own doctors and nurses

It’s weird when you have an extensive medical background but now see medical as the enemy πŸ‘€

On the good news, my hot pants arrived 😻

I’m kind of running on borrowed time these days

But I ain’t dead yet

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