The Matrix 4

Though I have not rushed out to watch my favorite sci-fi movie franchise, I will say, in my own words, and completely of opinion, that Neo did it for “love”

He did it for Trinity

He also probably felt like his friend Carrie Ann Moss deserved a paycheck because she probably doesn’t make as much money as he does

And don’t even get me started about how they just left Morpheus out of the film completely (well not really kind of yes but no)… πŸ™„

If you’ve already seen The Matrix 4, no spoilers please

I’ll probably do a rental from home when it comes

Once upon a time you could do a “still in theaters” rental for $9 bucks. These days they charge $20.

Get the fuck out

Hollywood has done too much cocaine, too much Botox, and I am done being a slave to a broken system

Maybe I’ll watch it and maybe I won’t


Not even running out to see my favorite films 😫

I’m too woke 😩

I want out, let me out!!!

I probably will watch it soon tho. Maybe. I dunno. πŸ€ͺ

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