Writer upgrades yeeee πŸ€©

Christmas arrived 😻

My very first USB mic which should pair with the MacBook nicely 😻

I got such a sweet deal on this bundle for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday!

The bundle came with this pop filter

And matching studio headphones (I really only needed the mic but the bundle was the same price as just the mic solo)

I have a traditional microphone for my guitar and amp, but now I have my first USB professional microphone and I recently got an awesome tiny mic as well!

Now my rants will be louder lol

But honestly the anger about nearly dying is starting to settle

I was in an incredible amount of pain for several months too

I was fucking pissed

And terrified my heart was going to give out any second

I’ve mostly slept this year away

Fucking wasted my life for a vaccine

And I don’t do society or people anymore

I could have stayed the fuck home

But noooooo

I let myself be gaslit into a dark tunnel which was suppose to be “cool and fun”, the cartoon ads all over Instagram telling me how cool it is and safe to be vaccinated

But now, if I get around the dude I actually like who is unvaccinated, I have more of a chance of infecting him and I want to tear Rome down

God has given me permission to fuck everything up

Big Pharma didn’t anticipate me as a wildcard

Or my bloodline being one of the most elite and rare

So now as a warrior, I am focused on healing and getting my strength back

I still have a long road to recover

Bones don’t heal overnight

And neither do heart or lungs

I unplugged and my mind nearly cracked

I’m only interested in saving myself and giving myself the most humane ending as possible

And that will not be in a hospital setting πŸ‘€

If you try to hospitalize me when I’m dying I will punch you πŸ‘€

Keep me from those demons

Lawyers, medical staff, politicians, they’re 99% evil πŸ‘€

Can I focus on the pretty teal Yeti please? Because I haven’t even taken it out of its box yet

I don’t even have a desk to set up lol

But maybe Santa will hook me up πŸ€ͺ

I am getting back to working out soon

Slowly rebounding and walks

I can’t do much so I’ll probably be using the mic from my bed πŸ₯΄

I’ll be doing poetry and ASMR for myself to calm my nerves 😬

BUT once I shake off this bug I’m getting back out in the city to record sounds with my tiny mic

I need to get a carry case for my Yeti, which is still in the box

I’ll probably sleep with it in the box

I’m just so happy to have my first Yeti and nearly the color of your eye 🀩

Every writer needs, at the very least, a fucking microphone

And yes I would love to set up my Yeti out in the park and record sounds and do spoken word and things like that but so far I have my tiny mic to start taking with me

And I was really impressed with how well my tiny mic did at the beach recently

I had it hooked on my shirt but think maybe if I hold it the sound will be better

But then I have to contend with the ocean pounding me

Sinking into unknown depths and territory

Trying not to drop my devices

And then add my insane fear of everything about the ocean

Plus the human predators trying to hunt me

I can’t catch a break

This guy was trying to give me his phone number as I was driving away from my apartment

Like dudes chillllll


I’m terrified to dress up cute and leave my house

Everything keeps happening to me when I think I look like shit

No makeup


Messy hair

Bags under the eyes

But it still doesn’t scare them off πŸ‘€

It’s too much for me

Porn has done something to y’all


Dudes be going on and on about how they like a big girl but they like a petite girl too

A bit too much πŸ‘€

They can’t pick off a big girl πŸ‘€

I got a girl / you want to meet her? / Her name is 9 mm

And I know how to shoot


The Army trained me how to fire loads of weapons

We spent so much time firing weapons cleaning weapons disassembling weapons assembling weapons doing it in the dark with a gas mask on in a limited amount of time πŸ‘€

When we were at the range and we had to fire our M-16s in our gas mask, they told us to turn our M-16 sideways, I had the best shot of everybody in the battalion and my commander was impressed, so I even know how to fire an M-16 sideways with limited visibility

Don’t come at me

Lethal and unhinged

And possibly also the savior of the world

It depends on the day and what mood I’m in

If it doesn’t involve food and rest I’m not interested

If it doesn’t involve my Yeti or my tiny mic then I’m not interested




I’m starting to get in trouble on TikTok just for leaving comments under other creators videos about the vaccine hurting me but I appeal it and I win but I’ve just stopped talking about it all together

There are many creators who are able to push out news content about the vaccines

I simply state: Moderna gave me heart inflammation and nearly killed me

Bam people are reporting comments – I get flagged- I appeal – I win. TikTok puts the comments back.

But fucking Christ

My voice has been completely silencedοΏΌ

Listen, I have my military uniforms on standby

I know it’s hard to hear, but America is basically a third world country now for anyone born here naturally (and not a child born here from immigration)

Listen, I don’t write the facts

And these aren’t my opinions

I started researching what Trump meant when he said they come over here and they take all our best jobs because I’ve been affected by the government furloughs and the government hiring freezes

I don’t want to fight the world anymore

I’m retired πŸ‘€

Give me my fucking mic and let me grumble

I’ve been throwing away all of my clothing, a lot of my furniture, most of my knickknacks…

I deleted years of online data

I’ve removed myself from most platforms


I really want to give my website an overhaul

And invest some πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° into improving the function and layout

It would be cool if I could have separate categories, like one for my prose, one for my photography, and one for my poetry

My life is chaotic at best

But got some new writing tools and maybe will feel up to posting more in the coming days

Hope your holiday has been going good

I stayed home on bedrest

Didn’t eat anything fancy

Craving soup and cornbread tho

As far as I know, Walmart dot com is still running some amazing deals on the Yeti bundles! This one was 50% off! I checked the prices over on Amazon and some other sites and this bundle cost as much as just a Yeti by itself!

Such a sweet deal! I waited for the right time to strike!!

And there were other sellers sellers this bundle for a higher price

And I kept fighting myself about the color

“Get the silver, but I want the teal”

“Omg the red, but I need the teal”

Honestly, I’d take one in every color, I don’t know why I’m so obsessed πŸ€ͺ

It is a very good Christmas present to myself and hopefully I will be able to share some of my presents with y’all in the form of spoken word πŸŽπŸ’πŸŽ

I may need to do an unveiling TikTok of opening my Yeti

I love it

And may never open it from the box πŸ€ͺ

Oh look, the box has teachings

This is why I horde πŸ€ͺ

Sleeping with the box, might unpack the mic before I dies

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