Article 2021: Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigration

ARTICLE: Have a question about U.S. immigration trends and the country’s immigrant population? This article collects in one place the most sought-after information about the world’s largest immigrant population and how it has changed over time. Drawing from a wide array of authoritative data sources, this article provides an up-to-date snapshot of the immigrant population, visa and enforcement statistics, and information on emerging trends, including slowing immigration and changing origins.
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An updated and very eye opening facts about immigration in the US and the percentage of jobs that are management or higher that the immigrants take – it’s a lot!

If you enjoy having to work 2 to 3 low-end jobs until you die, then don’t bother reading this thoroughly

But they control the housing market, politics, medicine, advertising, pretty much everything.

It’s predicted to be nearly 40% immigrants in the US in the near future, at what point do natural born citizens bow down to them?

President Trump already said they come over here and take all our best jobs and he wasn’t wrong.

Now I understand the need for border control and a wall.

Hear, hear!

I’m tired of being a slave to the immigrants who are living the “American Dream”.

Yeah it’s great if you weren’t born Native American or white.

These lives don’t matter.

Don’t knock on my door during the uprising.

I’m retired.

And if you knock on my door, you better at least have some candy canes and some eggnog at the very least 🤪

Is anyone else concerned that the immigrants control the housing market?

That they have ALL the best management positions and higher

They control the flow of information

Verbatim Democrats make up mostly immigrants and the children of immigrants

When you say things like, “America was founded on immigration” I interpret it as if you’re saying, “killing native Americans is okay”…


Immigration has been a Trojan horse in America

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