The new CEO of Twitter is from India πŸ‘€

The new CEO of Twitter is from India

The American Heart Association put out a warning on Twitter the impact these vaccines have on the heart – and Twitter flagged the site as potentially being unsafe

It’s a conflict of interest that the CEO of Twitter is from India because India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world

Religion is a scam

Medicine is now a sham

You need to wake up now

I’m not getting a booster shot and I will do whatever I have to, to maintain 6 feet from you, if you come anywhere near me with a fucking needle or Booster shot πŸ‘€

Stay the fuck away from me

You’ve been warned πŸ›‘βœ‹πŸ›‘

If you decide to withhold my earnings or deny me entrance into a medical facility because I’ve chosen not to get a booster shot, there’s going to be serious fucking problems for you πŸ‘€

I’m so far unhinged

Everything is the enemy

Don’t fucking approach me

I’m working on a T3 arsenal now

Lethal, armed, and deadly πŸ‘€

Just leave me in my foxhole (wherever I deem home to be)

I’m at war

And I also looked at the top places immigrants like to reside in the US and of course it’s Florida because I see them fucking everywhere πŸ‘€

Because they’re always trying to spam us or somebody over here out of our money, I’m always getting warnings from the Social Security Department that there’s another scam going on and it’s always somebody from India


Or fucking Russia – who put human remains in popular US hotdogs

*activates war mode*

I’m triggered

I’m fucking triggered

I’m fucking angry

Monsters everywhere

Look stay the fuck away from me

I’m broken

I’m paranoid

I’m consistently in fight or flight mode

This vaccine nearly killed me

I have other underlying health issues trying to kill me and not the best access to the treatment I need to get well

I want to be left alone to die in peace

Politics has been rigged

Bidden only cares about what the democrats *ahem* I mean immigrants want

That’s who you voted for despite my pleas

You never listen to me πŸ‘€

Not until you’re fucking upside down

And I’m the smallest to crawl in the hole

But I’m afraid of the dark and claustrophobic

Because we are an organism, a collective thought

You die, I die

I fucking fear everything πŸ‘€

Stop dying

K, thanx, bye

And for the love of god, turn off your local tele and news

They are forcing other countries to be fully vaccinated

They are exterminating us

This is an extermination

COVID is the carrier, it’s in the vaccine

A real vaccine will stop you from getting sick

Now that I’m vaccinated I have more of a chance to get someone unvaccinated sick

Nuff said

This is a fucking scam!!!!

Delete your Twitter account!

Stop supporting the problem!

They want us all living a pretend virtual reality life

I’m not doing it

Wake up!!!!

Neo, knock knock!

And need I remind you that Trinity goes down at some point with heart problems and fucking needs you!!!!!

But you have somebody else whose your favorite now

And I’m just another her in the mix

With zero value


Life is hell

While you’re jerking off to a thousand porn babes daily, I’m working on getting a fat belly and dying unloved

Ready to be forgotten for eternity

Enjoy your vapid repetitive porn

Just forget me

I’m off Twitter – it’s literally a trash site for free, hardcore porn!

There’s no freedom of speech anywhere, stop supporting these corporations!

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  1. babe, they’re not ready to hear. The majority joining the awakening bandwagon are just the hippie movement peeps Morrison warned us about! Just take a vow of silence and fucking die


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