I’m not getting a booster shot!

Hell to the no!

This pandemic is a medical SCAM

And yes I am eating chocolate for breakfast

And candy canes

It’s the end of the world

I don’t know if you are aware but in other countries they are forcing this fucking shot onto people and in our country Biden tried to mandate it but it’s unethical πŸ™„

Hitler is still very much alive, his regime


I’m lucky to live in a state where the governor and president don’t agree πŸ‘€

Florida will probably be second to sink

We’re headed for major flooding everywhere

(And not to scare you off but they are in fact manipulating the weather and openly talk about it now)

The ones in charge are playing Sims in god mode

Have you noticed how the price of products have gone up but there’s less product?

This will keep happening as the rich horde everything

And they will convince you that you need it through advertising

Notice how they are changing the labels too and they’re actually having to be honest with you now, if you look at your laundry detergent it’ll say “contains allergens” because India – they want to make you sick so that you will go to the doctor so that they will treat you with medication that makes you even more sick πŸ‘€

Because India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world and immigrants take all of our best jobs in medicine πŸ‘€


Safety alert!!! βœ‹πŸ›‘βœ‹

Conflict of interest!!!

Religion is a scam

It’s a pyramid scheme!!!

So is this pandemic!!!

So is money!!

So is Crypto!!!

Wake up!!!

They got y’all addicted all around

TV, drugs, alcohol, sugar, porn, sex, trends, they control it all

Actors are salesmen to sell a product

Nothing more

Marriage is slavery

Immigration is a Trojan horse

Did you know that we have a lottery every year where we give out over 55,000 visas to random people in Europe and Asia πŸ‘€

A fucking lottery to come to America, in the thousands

So you don’t even need a degree to come over here to get all our best jobs at this point anymore, you could be a fucking psychopath and a terrorist

These other countries grow up in violent hostile environments and then they come over here and they make our environment hostile and fucking toxic

Yeah I said it

Religion should be abolished or made 18+

Parents should not be allowed to use religion to mold or groom their kids

Education is a lie

White lives don’t matter

Native American lives don’t matter

Porn promotes racism with its “Big Black Cock / BBC” programs

All of it promotes unhealthy sexual activities and leaves the brain in primitive mode

The men are rarely loving, there is a lot of abuse in the world

And they are addicted, they can’t turn it off and they don’t even want their wives or their families to know that they are addicted to porn, let alone hard-core porn and many of them are pedophiles and all of them cheat – even in happy marriages

I saw it happen over and over when I was on active duty where the men went out in Germany and cheated on their wives even though they were happy in their relationships πŸ‘€

I’m never getting married

Marriage is a sham

I’d rather die

Very few are capable of being in an honorable relationship (but you don’t have to take my word for it, the divorce rate is way fucking up there and I’ve never even been married or divorced so I’m not contributing to that fucking number am I, so that means I must be doing something fucking right out there huh)…

“Why aren’t you married”

Because you’re all insane πŸ‘€

And my mind broke long ago

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