Welp. Filed a complaint at the WhiteHouse VA on the new doc

Tired of laying down so doctors can commit murder

At some point I will go back to the community care and get that doctor recommendation but I have to get all that shit approved again, I have to get a fucking approval number blah blah fucking blah

Tho I did call the clinic today and she was not at work there

That’s fair

What’s not fair is jumping through hoops for a medication

Big Pharma playing their hand

But Delia’s law is in effect

I’m getting ready to go to the news about this πŸ‘€

I can’t even fucking tell you what’s going on because it’s so humiliating but whatever

It’s also painful and I’m dying

If I had access to the medication I needed I could be getting well ironically

This is a fucking simulation

You don’t know what sort of timelines I’ve had to jump through and hoops and everything else just stay alive though

I was fucking cussing and the lady on the other line was all sweetly, “when you calm down I’ll be able to help you”

And then I choked on my breath

And apologized and assured it was not aimed at her directly, but just in the air in the hopes that someone could hear

Knowing that the White House is recording every fucking breath but whatever I am you know upside down

And I apologized again at the end and thanked her for calming me down she handled it really well and she reminded me that this hotline was open 24 hours and I didn’t actually know that I’ve literally waited until eight in the morning before calling

Dear Soldiers, don’t die

Call the WhiteHouse VA

1 (855) 948-2311

They will email you a case number and everything

It feels like a life-vest or jacket

Even though I was cursing while drowning

“There were things said in that cave that will never be disclosed”

Yeah well, Delia’s Law may save some lives in the future

I’m not ready to die yet but I am ready to go to the news and drop a fucking bomb – no not a real bomb – I’m talking TRUTH

I don’t know how to tell you directly what happened to me so I let the news break it to you πŸ‘€

Listen, don’t let the VA kill me and get away with it

Don’t sleep on my death

I don’t deserve to die like this and John Jones didn’t deserve to die the way he did either

He was murdered

And I’m being murdered right now

I apologized for being emotional but I also said it was better than dying naked on the street like Edgar Allan Poe πŸ‘€

But they are definitely having a negative impact on my mental health


I keep going to all these outside doctors who keep saying my primary care doctor needs to put on this prescription and I’m like a zombie banging on big pharma’s door going “hey I need this drug” and they’re like “nope can’t help you, could but not gonna”

So I’m chasing my tail in circles trying to stay alive

And I’m not gonna die in the ER

I’m also not gonna let this thing take me down the way it wants to take me down

I owe myself a humane ending if I can’t get access to my fucking drugs

And so then thinking turns into buying

And I’ve been kind of avoiding that road if you know what I mean

Even though everybody at the VA just thinks I’m insane and I’m trying to kill myself with this drug πŸ™„

K, thanx, bye

And, I haven’t felt like socializing

Well, that actually isn’t true

I want to do things but I can’t currently οΏΌ

It’s like playing chess with the devil where your every move is screwed

But what avenue is less upside down

Currently for me it would be suicide

But, I filed a complaint on the new doc at the WhiteHouse VA

There’s my life jacket

And again, was sorry for the swearing but in panics and dying

John Jones was a two-year med student, married, he went to church, and he didn’t deserve to die the way he did

I’m not gonna let myself die that way if I can’t get the treatment I need

I mean, I almost want to ask my lover to end my life

But, no one will ever see me dead


Or maybe him πŸ‘€

But no

No one is coming to save me

I’m on my own

But if there’s a doctor out there that can hear me, I really could use a real doctor who can handle big rare thangs

The goal has been to live, not die

I’m exhausted but unfortunately gravity is relentless and if I had been John I would have begged to be shot or put out of my misery

It’s not even 5 but bedtime seems as good as now (sleep not death)

By the way, I was so suicidal for the questioner that it flagged me *sigh* and then the new psych came and said he loved my hat and I told him Uni was my “safe place” and he dug it

He asked a few questions and said I was a thin line

Yep the new suicidal

Stable today

But always in my head, when, where, how πŸ‘€

Have even inquired about costs and thangs

Shame, when you want to live and they force your hand

How convenient

The medicine world ain’t what it appears

I don’t ever want to sit in that doctors office ever again

I’m going to the news

Maybe they will mock me the same way the cops do

This is why Edgar Allan Poe died on the street by the way

I’m living his life to a tee

Or is it tea? πŸ€”


He was a Soldier too

So many old vets eagerly lined up today for their scheduled booster shot

Not for me, I will fight you πŸ‘€

I mean they’re training these doctors to not even agree that these vaccines are causing any damage when they are

“Winter stress is causing heart inflammation” uh huh

If I gouge my brain out with a screwdriver just know it wasn’t a good ending

That is not the intended plan but Michael Hutchence is my fucking hero

Destroy the room, fuck everything up!!!

I was really hoping to get a prescription today though and not go through what I just had to go through a few weeks ago again

Jesus Apophis I love you

Hurry up please

I know what I came in contact with that made me sick and I know what treatment I need to get better

Delia’s Law will ensure no one ever dies needlessly again

Over a prescription πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Even if by suicide, they are to blame – for withholding the only treatment to get me well

The VA are murdering me

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