When things don’t go your way (but in a good way)

Welp. Checkmate for the Poe

I called the Department of Families to report an increase and change in my financial status and I thought for sure I was gonna lose my food stamps which meant I was gonna lose my other benefits like my reduced ATT highspeed Internet for $10 and my $5.99 Amazon Prime account, but I didn’t because the gods have blessed me and I didn’t have to sacrifice a lamb.

My food stamps reduced drastically but I was more regretting losing my other benefits attached to it.

But, I didn’t lose my SNAP benefits by some miracle! They only got reduced! By 75% lol but having SNAP gives me access to other benefits in the world.

If you didn’t know that you could get high speed AT&T Internet for five dollars or $10 a month if you show them your current food stamp card or your approval letter then you should get on that and I don’t mind sharing my struggles because it’s 30% more expensive to live life single so technically I’m rich being poor πŸ™„

Here’s the link to apply for reduced internet: https://www.att.com/internet/access/

Be sure you let others know of this service. If you receive SNAP or reduced lunches at school then you may qualify!

It’s expensive living life solo

Rich people get free solar for six months, don’t you fucking dare make me feel bad for giving all of my paycheck to rent and electricity and then I get some food stamps and some reduced Internet in return

And the next person who offers me a job is going to feel my teeth in their neck πŸ‘€

Or an internet block and complete ghosting session in the real world

I am no longer working because I died from my mysterious death this year πŸ‘€

But in 2018 (I think) I jumped into this timeline to prevent that from happening

It’s complicated

You wouldn’t understand 😬

I’m retired tho.

Say the word and let it roll around your tongue a little bit.


The one percent are desperately trying to hold onto society though so thank you, thank you for for letting me keep a tiny bit of my food stamps

I nearly cried

I didn’t have to sacrifice a lamb or anything

I DID cry

And I didn’t get upset when she told me that they decreased because I thought they were going to get cut off completely

I literally prepared myself for that, and even waited the maximum amount of days to report it.

I was completely regretting losing my $10 Internet but I didn’t! 🀩 *squee*

I am trying to save for land and a house because the VA now allow you to use your certificate of eligibility (COE) to buy mobile homes with land!! About time!

Just as I win the lottery I’ll die!

Whatever. I don’t play the odds. I don’t gamble or play the lottery.

And I return mail to the correct correspondence because that’s the fucking law (but also good karma). My shit gets stolen all the time tho.

We got cameras installed out here now!


I’m super happy I am not losing my Amazon prime account at 50% off and they also accept EBT so I love shopping on Amazon prime with my EBT card (food purchases)!

You will need to visit Amazon to see if you qualify (but it was super easy when I signed up).

You also get a free phone line but yeah I don’t use mine. I knew something was up when android got hacked and I quickly went over to iPhone. I haven’t tried changing the number, I don’t trust the phone company either. πŸ˜‘

You also need to go online through your Internet provider and check your settings and turn off letting them sale your data.

When I found out Yahoo had been doing that all these years and they were partly responsible for the spam I’ve been getting in my life, I deleted my email account without requesting any data.

Basically I died. Versions of me prior no longer exist.

I cut the cord.

But luckily I don’t have to drop my Internet because I was afraid to have to start paying like $60-$100 again for Internet.

I’m prepared to just die.

I think the one percent must know this and are kind of throwing me a bone and I’m grateful πŸ™„

Things definitely did not go as planned

I’m making sure my energy is clean going into the New Year so get right with me

14 thoughts on “When things don’t go your way (but in a good way)

  1. Yeah I wanna get out in the country! You have more freedom than you do in the city. I want to grow some fruit and nut trees, have a garden, and a little farm. I’d like a trailer with 5 acres or more. I’d love to be able to hunt (but more like target practice).


  2. Way nifty. Squirrels and pigeons are an opportunity depending on where you choose. Both are easily dressed out and can be good eating if properly prepared.

    Target practice is fun. If you hang several blankets from a clothesline in layers, it can be a great backstop for a low-powered BB gun.

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  3. I just want land to build one for safety. I’ll be busy. I need something that won’t flood tho. I don’t really have a preference. I know how to fire most anything. Got a bad heart, mind, and lung these days, so kinda put my m16 down for a writing pen. Glocks are good. Got my eye on a couple at the pawn shop. We got Outdoor Sports centers that sale all sorts of stuff. And I get to skip the carry permit class cuz I’m Army trained so that’ll save me some time and money. Just gotta pay for the permit and weapons and I plan on getting all sorts of weapons. I was sleeping with mine in Iraq.


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