Mass Suicide – Humanities way out (trigger warnings)

Stop opening news articles about Covid

The press is owned by NASA/ the 1%, the Illuminati, the 13 families in charge, immigrants, the Middle East/Asia, the same boys who bring you porn and the Bible

Why do you still give them your money at church, for the love of God can we please start ghosting the system?

Yeah, just stop opening articles about COVID

Let’s drown them


I don’t want to die on the street

Or in a building collapse

Or upside down

They continue to control the flow of information so let’s stop googling information, opening articles from anyone other than you or I, or contributing to the madness

They are controlling the weather

They are controlling our reality

They are poisoning our water and our air and they take all our best jobs here and that’s not fucking opinion

I lay awake at night

Sometimes in the fetal position crying because I haven’t ended my life or the suffering that I continue to allow myself to be in around these monsters day in and day out and I still haven’t actually lost myself nor do I want to participate into the insanity

I don’t understand why you give so much of your time to the porn people that you obsess over when they were literally groomed at a young age to be a sex servant for you and to be a cum cash cow

Nothing is going to get better for women until porn is talked about

Women are getting to the point where they don’t even want to have children anymore

What’s next

Mandatory 2 child law

I hate this fucking world

Asia control everything

And the Middle East love to wear face coverings and they took care of that for the entire fucking world didn’t they and they got rich from it too ha ha jokes on us

As someone who has many years working in the medical field and I have several certifications from working in the medical field, I can tell you that nurses and doctors are now the enemy

Our entire way of life has been infiltrated from the top

And they did this by telling us not to disclose our incomes in the workplace because then we would’ve known that they were taking all our best jobs and positions

Trump warned us, he was silenced

And the Internet is no longer a free source

It’s been infiltrated

This is modern slavery

I had the most insane idea today, in order to take down the 1% and that was for everyone to commit mass suicide and I love the idea, I fucking love it

It’s not like we couldn’t put a suicidal hypnosis on everyone to do it, people are easily manipulated, I mean look at how many people went out and actually got vaccinated, me included

Moderna nearly killed me, now I suffer from Heart Inflammation and my blog is the only place I have a voice

Charles Manson was able to get people to commit suicide, like an entire group, so let me have my fucking fantasy of everyone coming into compliance to end the insanity of our lives and we all get in a big circle fest and die together

I think the dinosaurs are alive and well, the earth is younger than taught, we probably likely killed off many of them and I believe Giants probably existed as well, it’s just everything is smaller now because the oxygen levels have changed 👀

And also the 1% have been manipulating DNA for eons

For the love of God, they are studying Einstein’s brain and his legal wish was to be cremated

Wills don’t mean shit

They are selling the locks of Edgar Allan Poe

I’m sick enough to buy some and put it in a locket and bury it with me on the street

I’ve been trying to think of suicide like silk instead of being scared because I’m either gonna die of heart failure or suicide

I said this in my twenties

Shame I didn’t listen to my own predictions

Shame I let every demon lead me into a dark dark cave where I wound up upside down unable to fucking breathe

Are you ready though to die by suicide because the only thing that’s stopping me now is the fear that I might take others down with me when I go because suicide always happens in three and the more known a person is the more suicides will happen (if I die by suicide, it may encourage others to do the same)

Thank you Bible for planting the dark seed in humanity (Judas)

We look up to you 🙏

Please, take all my money, I’m alive for you

Said no slave ever…

Mass suicide tho

Plant the idea

It is a way out

I’m rarely wrong 👀

If I died and woke up on another planet in a worse environment, I’m gonna destroy everything though

I’m fucking sick of the Middle East ruling with their outdated ideology

NASA is not gonna tell you if they find life somewhere else

I hope the James Webb telescope fails 🥰

RIP John Jones

It’s all for you

I’m the wildcard

I may die and fade into non existence and I’m okay with that

Culture is a sham!

We’d fair better out in the wild!

Fucking under the moonlight!

10 thoughts on “Mass Suicide – Humanities way out (trigger warnings)

  1. There is a lot of anger, despair, and frustration in your post. It reminds me of when ptsd was riding me hard a few years back and that was not a good time.
    Keep on keeping on mate. It aint much help but the dark days suck arse big time and the only way through it is one day at a time and to always set one task at least to do each day that is positive.
    Anger is an energy according to PIL (public image limited) and in that direct your anger outward into positive channels rather than destructive ones.
    If you want a good song to suit your mood then try “You shit me to tears” by The Tenants.

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  2. Oh yeeeee, got the PTSD and loads of other triggers, war vet. I’ve been destroying everything in my life and rebuilding the rubble. If it seems too perfect, I’m gonna put a crack in it. Only then will it have the lens of Poe. Distorted and broken. But affairs in order hopefully. I’m honestly okay. I’m not having suicidal breaks. Minor crying spells. Takes me about 2 hours to not completely melt down when the dog triggers me, and that’s been on the daily. Facing mortality. But if I ever opted to end my own, it would be humanely. I am dealing with serious health issues and medical care is deathcare these days. The VA won’t give me access to the treatment I need to get well. My doctors are from India and Asia. India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world, so it’s a conflict of interest and all they wanna do is push big Pharma, which makes me sicker, or want to end my life, so I have to actually stay away from it. Doctors exist to push big pharma. The suicide rate continues to increase among veterans and not all of the soldiers are awoke like I am. I’m actually trying to save my life. Despite the darkness of it all. Thank you for your positive message! I do like certain sounds and scents to improve my mood. 🙏


  3. Yeah I know you’re a vet and have a bunch of health problems. I’m in the same boat but have been a vet since ’86 which just means I’ve been fucked around and ignored for longer than you.
    I hear you on the meltdowns and rages. I honestly cannot remember how I managed to put a lot of that to one side but I did somehow. The depression and anxiety are the absolute pits and I found medication sucked but walking rocked for some reason.
    Maybe I should send you one of my newspapers I write for shits and giggles. I do the best fake news. 🙂

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  4. I haven’t been able to workout in months since getting heart inflammation after the vax, that hasn’t helped the depression. I’m always down for some comedy tho.


  5. Ah shit hun! That’s one of the accounts that I dumped during the Great Escape. I will update that as I’m off Yahoo completely and didn’t even ask for my data. Oldest line email I ever had. Cut the cord. Welcome to the Great Undoing! 🙄



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