Rip Betty White

Betty White died three weeks before her 100th birthday and she wanted to live to be 102 bless her heart

Imagine being so old that your goal was to live two years longer

I remember watching Golden Girls growing up and it was probably supposed to be for an older generation but I was really into that show for some reason watching those old ladies be so fucking naughty

They liked to push the boundaries of things and I related to that an awful lot

I watched them do a lot of smoking at a round table and eating pie and you know I pretty much have developed those habits

(I smoke medicinal)

On occasion I have a cigarette but I smoked them for many many years and I don’t do them anymore


I have a potty mouth though and I like having my potty mouth, you like to drink alcohol everyday and I like to cuss

Betty cussed

She was open about her sexuality in her old age and I dug that about her

Hollywood are pedophiles so make women feel obsolete if you’re above the age of 10

I don’t know how she died but I hope she wasn’t in any pain

Bless her heart

Didn’t make 100

But darn close

I’ll give it to you

On with the great ascension

Rip Betty White

Now you’ve got me crying and my eye makeup is messed up

99 years young

WOW 99 years

Three weeks until your birthday and technically time doesn’t even exist so I’m gonna give you age 100 bless your little heart

Why am I so upset over this

I know people always die on the holidays and I’m probably already emotional because my dad died one year ago around Thanksgiving and I haven’t had closure from that and I’m pretty certain my dad liked Betty White

They probably smoking a blunt right now

RIP Blackie Whyte and Betty White

My heart is so swollen right now and feeling some sort of way

King tide trying to hold back these tears

Goodbye 2021 and Betty White

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