The great reset is now

So if dying is like being born, then when I die, I am being born somewhere else? 🧐

Maybe 400 years from now?

And you get to watch me do all this again?

Crawl into a hole and get stuck or crucified? πŸ˜”


But the dying and birthing process is very painful and possibly even the waiting too? 😀

And though they have us very segregated and divided, humans as an organism working together are very powerful

Like an ant colony

If they need to reach something, they just come together and build a bridge of ants

In the jungle if you step on an ant, soldier ants will hunt you down in drones for miles and they will eat you, your bones included

It won’t take 10,000 years for you to turn to dust again because there won’t be anything left of you when the ants are done πŸ‘€

They work as a colony together to help one another

The only way society works is if the 1% keeps us divided and they promise us safety, but what that really means is they are going to poison our water, air, and food, so that they can take all our best jobs and positions

And then when we figure it all out, societies collapse and disappear from the face of the earth and the great reset happens and that’s what we’re going through right now

I don’t think it’s a big mystery how the pyramids were built, they’ve been controlling the flow of information

Pyramids were used all around the world

Native Americans were a threat to the Romans way of life

Or Asia, India, the Middle East, who fucking cares

My people we’re doing just fine until y’all came over here and killed off nearly my entire bloodline and then you put us on conservation camps

Hail Hitler!

*clicks heels*

I’m sorry, am I going too fast for you?

We don’t have any rights as children, do we

We have to wait until we turn 18 in America to have any sort of “voice”

I wasn’t even allowed an identity in my family and my daddy was fucking me and my mommy likes to hide behind the Bible

My parents are gold 🀩

And stop feeling bad for me, I’m still the universe’s favorite

*tries not to dive off into the abyss*

*sucks thumb*

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