Lust or divine love

Watch this video on the difference between lust and divine love

So do you lust her or love her?

You think she’s your dream girl because that’s the image she had sold you and everybody who is just like you

I don’t know how they can call themselves actresses when they’re literally doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

What if I’m really your divine love?

But you treat her as if she is and you give her all your attention, all your affection, all your love, because she meets your ideal of lust right here and now

Loving is too much work, it’s too hard, it requires too much transfer of energy

The guys who love me can’t be around me because it’s too hard for them emotionally


It’s like they know they can’t fix their addictions so they just stay away from me and don’t even want to be friends with me because it’s “too hard”

They always find a way to hurt me before they go because they know by hurting me I will kick them out of my life and then they’re not responsible for the leaving because narcissist can’t fucking take any kind of responsibility for their actions


So I get to watch them obsess over every fucking girl in the world but me

And I never look like any of the girls people obsess over

I know you don’t like my nose

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