Baby American Alligators πŸ€©

I told myself that I would attempt to do more things outdoors this year in my city and surrounding areas that I haven’t done before

There is an arcade/golfing “Safari” center and I thought I’d visit and check out the “live gators”

My first time visiting Congo River Golf

I opted to do the alligator feeding and the alligator holding but I also bought a bottle water and a souvenir of alligator teeth for a total of $22 bucks (which included a military discount). They also had a water fountain and soda machine near the arcade.

It is a fun thing to do solo, or with friends or family, and is a family establishment.

Baby American alligators 🐊

She said the gators hadn’t been fed all night and that they were hungry so I went with feeding them first 🐊

I think it’s best to feed the gators from the water but this little baby gator could smell the food and came crawling for it

Now they’ve had some food and the hot Florida sun is beginning to warm them up. They are programmed for food and sun and it is amazing. These little guys are native to Florida! They grow to 90 feet! 🐊

I got to hold and feel an American baby gator!

I kindly thanked the baby alligator for letting me hold her and touch her and having this experience. 🀩

My headgear was coming off my head and I didn’t even know it cuz I was so overwhelmed by the baby gators πŸ₯°

She was a girl! About 2 to 3 years of age! 🀩

I didn’t like that she had tape over her mouth but I did ask was she gonna get a good treat afterwards and the worker said yes.

I thought it was a really awesome experience that I got to name a female baby alligator on the first of the year, and was hoping it was maybe lucky! πŸ€

photo by @poeeternal

Maybe Alli is my spirit animal 🐊

I was not wearing my tiny mic because I didn’t want any wiring to get in the way and I didn’t know if recording would even be allowed in the establishment and you can hear the waterfall in the background, so it’s hard to hear me at times. Because some of the things I was saying was for the gator and the gator only. Other times I would speak up for the camera.

I thought the arcade was a cool area and it was relaxing there, there was a table you could sit with an air conditioning, even though it was outside but inside, very Safari

There were African ritual masks everywhere

Maybe the question was too hard or maybe don’t talk to strangers πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I’ve heard stories that you can’t ever win anything with those crane games and I was just curious, it was just an honest curious question but uh yeah

I like to throw the matrix for a loop every now and then and just confuse the algorithm and see what it will do

Me: “Do you ever win anything”

Him: “I don’t know”

I mean, it’s fair, he was in the middle of a game, maybe he could win if I hadn’t of rudely interrupted him

I guess we’ll never know


I want to come back and do the mining. I want to come back and do the arcade. I want to come back and do the miniature golfing.

I’ve not done these things.

And them gators perked up when they heard I had food.

I want to come back and feed the baby alligators.

*Crawls into cage with lions alligators*

I love all of gods creatures 🀩

Saying bye to the babies. I fell in love. Look at their colors! And the turtles on the log!

I love them all so much and I don’t want them to become boots or anything

But they need a little waterfall 🐊

Edit: I’ve been living in Florida for many years and I’ve never participated in the “live gator feedings” before now.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Happy New Year! Sending lots of love!

3 thoughts on “Baby American Alligators πŸ€©

  1. I like and dislike this at the same time. I personally don’t want alligator boots or anything. But I’m crazy enough to want a real alligator. I’m going to check out some alligator sanctuary’s because Florida is known for those and for rescuing the bad guys because there are wild alligators that get rescued when they do naughty stuff. And I appreciate those that get saved. I just want to spend more time around animals, especially ones that are native to these parts. I just want to learn. It’s sad and exciting. Hopefully these little guys just lose teeth like we do when growing our adult teeth in. They’ll probably wind up at Gatorland. And hopefully not skinned. They seem willing to work for food. Same as us. That one turtle was climbing to his freedom though trying to escape. A metaphor for my life. I’m part to blame. Welp.

    My grandmother bought me a Fender guitar amp but we hung out at cemeteries.

    She’s partly to blame for my obsession with dead things and wanting to visit the dead.

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  2. I think taxidermy is still a thing, I don’t know about alligator taxidermy, but I know that the live gator thing is everywhere in Florida and in order to bring awareness to what’s going on and to change stuff this is where it starts. I think gas stations that do the “live gators” is probably even worse conditions. But, people buy fish and octopus and take them home. Don’t crucify the messenger. I want to see God’s creatures before I die. I want too for their freedom. They are sentiment beings. I may buy a hamster soon because I need a friend. I’m sorry. 😩

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