Medical stuffs

Finally got an appointment for ID

I may be crawling deeper into a hole

I may be dead before I get there

There are so many variables at play

Do know that most don’t have your best interest

Do know that many aren’t trained for their job or are gaslighting

I’ve got to surf the waves of death all while taking tiny pants cuz I can’t expand my lungs to breathe

I’ve got one chamber working so if you’re expecting me to do anything other than sleep 😴 sorry not sorry

I’m fighting something worse than cancer

Worse than COVID

And if I can ever move past the humiliation phase of it, maybe, maybe, I will tell you what the fuck is going on

Because it’s not happening to only me

But I’m leaving little clues

I told my kid to leave my death fucking PRIVATE

I don’t owe you anything

I don’t owe you closure

I wanna ghost you 🤪

Wet hairs, had a baths, felt good

Got the oven on, lunch for brekky

Eating food out of the cans these days

You defend your precious NASA dogma like you do the fucking Bible

Your math is WRONG

The stars are closer to us than you were taught, earth is younger than what they want you to believe

The sun is also electrical

Water exist in four states

Your heart and your brain are electrical and you have neurons firing throughout your body

The sun is electrical and water exist in four states and it holds memory and it’s a great conductor for the transfer of life

I think we are the aliens and fungus needs to be eradicated

Why are y’all allowing it to eat the forest?

In Oregon?

It’s presumed to be over 2500 years old and has eaten miles of the forest

Is it weird that I want to save the forest and pull out John Jones?

I’ve gone insane


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