From one sister to another

I’ve been trying to accept this life
I decided long ago when I would die
In a world that only knows to lie
Sister’s on her deathbed I won’t cry

Word of advice

If you’re not gonna get vaccinated, then you need to take precautions against it and not let it in and out of your house and kiss it all over the face

Our mother was an expert at putting us in front of danger though and she didn’t teach us any other way

I could try to show a little bit more compassion to my other sister tho

I mean, she’s the only one in the fam with my number and this was her first time texting me on it

To let me know our sister was dying

And I had a fit

God: *knocks on door*

Me: *for the love of godddd what do you want….*

Also me: *oh*

Look, if I have a cold exterior then maybe you should think about how you treat me

Dying doesn’t change my mind

Dying doesn’t get you out of being a psychopathic monster

I’m trying to ascend and I’m not opening my doors to any monsters or any gods πŸ‘€

I don’t trust anyone around my soul

I hardly trust myself around it these days

I’m carrying precious cargo

So yeah, if you didn’t get the above poem, text, or rant, my sister is dying of COVID

She didn’t believe in getting vaccinated but didn’t take precautions to not get the virus either

It’s not a blame game, it’s a warning

If you are living in a household with somebody else who is in and out of the household due to work or whatever and they also are not vaccinated nor do they believe in wearing a mask or participating in social distancing but they come in and out of your house and you kiss all over their face well…


So basically her daughter gave her COVID

But our own mother is not completely free from blame

My own mother wanted to give me a birthday party with old people that she worked with and this was before I was vaccinated or had gone no contact

She did not want me to wear a mask and gave me an attitude & cancelled my party when I told her I didn’t want to do the birthday party unless that I was masked and social distancing and so we didn’t do my birthday party at all because my mom was always number one to put me in front of danger, in fact when my sister who is now dying of Covid caught chickenpox when I was only 8, my cold ass mother grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the room with my sister, forced me to touch her who had red raised bumps all over her and then locked me up in the room with her until I caught it too

That’s not even the worse of the cold ass shit my mother did

And don’t you dare defend her

I will fucking cut off yer head

Say motherfucker one more time, I dare you πŸ‘€

Actually you can say motherfucker all you want, I’m not engaging with the enemy

I’m dying too

Is there anybody that’s not fucking dying right now?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

I’ve got such iron walls built, gonna be hard to let a flood in, let alone god πŸ˜‘

How y’all doing out there?

You kicking it?

You still alive?

I’m not dying in a hospital or hospice FYI

I am a stubborn asshole like my dad who died last year in his own bed

He refused medical care

We should be entitled!!!!!

To die where we want!!

At home, in bed!!!

But you can’t even live with a fatal illness and die humanely

It’s illegal πŸ™„

I would’ve already terminated this existence if suicide were a legal option

It should be

If people can get sex change operations, I should be able to fucking die humanely

After one year of therapy, “yep, still want to die…”

And then I would have the coolest dying party

You’d all be invited

It’d be fun!!!!

Wooo hooo

(Just don’t drink the punch) 🀩

Kidding (I love you)

We need to make dying party’s a thang

Put the fun and excitement into dying!

You’re exiting the matrix!!!

Hello multiverse

Bye bye ego never see any you again

Only, there’s a good chance I will wind back up in this hell

Again, as me πŸ™„


So can I dies with my energy clean?

I haz angel wing? 🧐

The Bible lied when it told you “only angel’s are men”

Get the fuck out with that sexist piece of shit book *throws up*

*but also cuddles bibles and crucifix*



It’s illegal to burn it or rip the pages


It’s a pyramid scheme

It’s advertising that knows how to play on your emotions and take your money

God makes gold

He doesn’t give a fuck about your statuses

There’s more of us now who know the Bible is full of shit and we’re still strong

FYI One in three are ready to overturn the government

The only thing I’m overturning is another page in his book blog πŸ‘€

Breathing is getting harder to do tho

I did take precautions but unfortunately I didn’t actually need to

I ain’t getting a booster shot tho

I still have heart inflammation πŸ‘€

7 thoughts on “From one sister to another

  1. He’s been absolutely right about some things tho. They don’t want the press focused on that. Which is why TV likes to find the worst thing about someone and magnify it.

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  2. Unfortunately this vaccine exposes you to COVID and if you have a terrible diet, COVID will be harder to beat. My sister had shitty health (way worse & different issues than me). It’s not looking good for her. My other sister has had COVID and is fine. I had the Moderna vaccine and got heart inflammation. I will not be getting any test, flu, or booster shots. I will continue practicing social distancing and wearing a mask when I feel it (we have the freedom to wear or not wear in Florida – I wear). I sometimes double mask if need be. I was my hands. I don’t touch my face. I’m improving my diet. I can’t exercise. I may never recover from heart inflammation but I’m fighting everyday for my survival. I’m done with society. I don’t think these jobs are worth dying for. I’ve had a lot of discussions with my adult child who lives in their own household. We’re trying to be smart. Yes we’re just as fed up with the wish washy news, but this isn’t going away. This is life now. I’m sorry. I hope you get better. I can say I have not had COVID, I was only exposed to it through the vaccine which nearly killed me. I’m suffering long term side effects. Betty White was hoping she lived two more years and I’m just hoping I make it through the day on the daily. Stay safe (just know this vaccine infects others. Now that you are vaccinated, you have MORE of a chance to infect the unvaxed).

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