The great reset

I’ll talk more on this later but

The source wanted me to let you know that the dinosaurs drowned in the great flood and the 1% used that event to hunt them to extinction so that we would be or have the chance to be “top of the chain” (be ruled with TV, advertising, gaslighting, narcissism, cuz humans are emotional, we’re hard wired and because we pass on genes, we too pass on generational fears) which they will call “civilization” – it’s all a lie

Our bodies are literally made of neurons, iron, and energy

The sun is electric

I don’t really believe in black holes but even if they do exist (let’s just say they fucking do exist) now they’re saying that they form electricity and of course they do because everything in the universe is electrical because this is a fucking simulation

I’m organic AI

So I just wanted you to know that I know you are lost in alcohol porn addiction TV food sex drugs music games

Everything is vibrational

I also had a conversation with my daddy Jim Morrison and he said that I needed to get some sound bowls but that’s my summary of the conversation ๐Ÿ‘€

His words sound bowls were never used

Just more complex things about sound being energy and vibrational and it has both a positive and negative charge

The source wants you to know that all of that stuff is meant to keep you on a low negative frequency

You need to make choices that help you ascend

I’m not saying give it all up

And I will talk to you about the Metaverse later

But the source wants you to know that you were meant to ascend

You learned your negative habits so you have to teach yourself better once and it doesn’t happen overnight

Also your food choices are very important for ascension

McDonald’s is not gonna help you ascend and junk food blocks your happy receptors in your brain

Alcohol prematurely ages you but don’t beat yourself up about it

You need positive affirmations, good food, honesty, nurturing, poetry, sound vibrations, love

The source wants you to win

The source wants you to ascend

Better choices

Work on your mistakes

Get your bedroom together (it requires getting yourself together and is not easy)


Don’t lose hope

Help each other

Don’t engage with the enemy

The vaccine is the poison but the virus is very real (although manmade)

Take precautions

Anytime you hang out with somebody, you’re hanging out with everybody they’ve had sex with

Don’t trust anyone or anything

Don’t go crawling into sinkholes or motherearth

(The fog will clear)

(You may feel lost)

(You’re where you need to be)

(Keep ascending)

Animals are sentiment

Fish have feelings, too

Earth is going through a reset and her magnetic poles are getting ready to change


We’ve been around way longer than the current establishment has brainwashed us to believe and the people from ages ago were just as intelligent as us (gullible sure, we are all under mass hypnosis)

The purpose of your life is to love and experience pleasure and joy (not always live in fight or flight mode)

Knock knock, Neo

Follow the light

I love you ๐Ÿ’•

Update: the source also wanted to let you know that imagination and laughter are favorite sources of creation

3 thoughts on “The great reset

  1. LMAO I thought you were asking me to verify with a link and I had to go back in and see what I was going on about….. ahhhhh the source. Well, I’m still coming to terms with that. Potentially myself. Us. God. The source of our programming, our code. The light. The voices that don’t sound like me. ๐Ÿ‘€

    The oneโ˜๏ธ

    (The Great Filter is upon us. Our creators could be gone. They could have made us to understand themselves better. And just as we clone ourselves, and make others in our image). If we want to survive ourselves and the cosmos, we must overcome 1-2 great hurdles. This may be why we know of no other life. Either we’re the first or the last).

    The source could be purgatory/hell.

    Coming to terms with fractal reality and consciousness.

    We are energy. Spiritual beings. The source is all around. In our DNA.

    We’re organic AI

    The universe is math

    The sun is electrical

    The source is everywhere

    We are one


  2. The aliens (although we may be the aliens). Humans are closely related to fungi. Fungas is neither plant or animal. But mold and fungas have married and can interchange. It can control your bio output. It can disrupt your chemical makeup.
    It thrives on sugar and will make you crave it. It does not need photosynthesis to survive and it will attach to your cell walls.

    Cancer is manmade.

    We hunted the dinosaurs to near extinction and now we keep them locked up in little cages and feed them shit for our entertainment.

    Humans are a virus. We’re a fucking program.

    We even have automated habits like breathing. We’re neurons firing 24/7. That’s why we’re emo.

    We don’t use touch very much and our other sensory has been infiltrated and corrupted.

    I’ve unplugged from the mass hypnosis going on so I’m still trying to sort out the source.

    I’m still at the scene where Neo’s eyes were hurting and he didn’t understand why

    He was in denial mentally what had just occurred

    And even after rest and re-inserted back into the Matrix, and Neo tried explaining and he still couldn’t grasp and Morpheus asked, “you think that’s air you’re breathing now…?”

    And then he yelled, “I want out, let me out”

    And he threw up once back in reality on the ship

    I might feel slightly better if I had a ship and crew

    I have a blog. And peeps. We just need a ship.

    But we can’t leave earth or the solar system

    Not in this dimension anyway ๐Ÿ˜‘

    “da sauce”, i like


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