Dear Civilians of America

This ain’t gonna happen πŸ‘‰

The soldiers might be depressed but we’re not gonna let you remove us or our weapons πŸ‘€

The cops maybe

But you have an entire generation of soldiers who deployed to Iraq and removed the authority of Baghdad

And I should know because I was part of that deployment and I saw firsthand the strength that we have when we come together to help another nation πŸ‘€

The soldiers aren’t the problem and we’re gonna be the ones rebuilding our society

If you fucking think you can come into my home and drag me out of it πŸ‘€

I’m petite and cute but you need to leave my comrades alone because I have their back and they most definitely have mine

Anytime I speak to another Marine and tell them that I deployed as a combat medic they respond “I love you” and I reply “but I love you”

The soldier above all prays for peace

Also me: Fuck you you stupid fucking twat

Listen, you don’t get to call other creators stupid or imply that they are just because they don’t repeat the same Babel back that NASA feeds you

I don’t hear these creators adding anything new about the James Webb Hubble telescope, they’re all repeating the same shit they’ve heard

They read an article and they feed it to us like they’re a news journalist

People defend NASA the way they do the Bible (same entity)

Anyway *yawn*

Yes, I’m stupid and a child. Can we move on?

But when Humpty Dumpty starts falling off his wall don’t expect me to come pick you up when you fucking treat me like that because I am still a fucking soldier πŸ‘€

Right now my best interests are my country and my comrades

Just because democracy is in shambles doesn’t mean that my soldier programming is

The veterans are entitled to carry their weapons and to wear their uniforms because Uncle Sam is still paying them and we are soldiers still

The civilians aren’t worth dying for but my country is

At one point I thought civilians were worth dying for but now I don’t

My country, my land, my people yassss

For sure

The civilians are drowning and they are trying to take the soldiers down with them and I’m trying to save my soldiers, I’m trying to save my battle buddies because what I’m going through I know that they are going through

I worry about the ones who are getting kicked out for not getting the vaccine but I saw where our country was heading and that’s why I got out when the furloughs we’re going on and I was being affected financially with both of my jobs and my thousand dollar rent became hard to pay especially when I’m not married or have a boyfriend to split my rent with and never have

I don’t have a mom or dad to turn to

I’m it

I’m all I got

And I will fucking cut the cord on everything if it means saving my country

There are good people here worth saving

The United States has one of the greatest armies in the world and I am part of the elite

Say my name

Sergeant Delia F. Ross

I hope your precious James Telescope fails

Cuz you know what they will see

A bunch of little dots moving around and they will make up a fucking fairytale about the beginning of time and they think they know how it’s going to end

We can’t even see an infrared so everything that comes back to us will be artist rendered

NASA rehearsed the moon landings, that’s all I need to know to know that NASA is fucking fake as Hollywood and the horse they rode in on from Asia/Mexico/Middle East



But I’m dumb πŸ’‹

*cue Nirvana song*

“I think I’m dumb / I think I’m dumb / I think I’m dumb…”

This is why Edgar Allan Poe died on the street because we’re surrounded by a bunch of fucking fake ass consuming narcissist who have all the power and are jealous of our creativity so they drown us out so they can steal our power

Checkmate again

Also me: *scolds god – what the hell is going on!?!* *bites nails*

Can I haz spankies now? 🐣

I’m gonna die any minute but it wasn’t because God didn’t love me

7 thoughts on “Dear Civilians of America

  1. Hello, I followed you two years ago and came back.

    I will say I enjoyed our last conversation.
    And would like to thank you for your service in the military.

    I am behind on the NASA subject. Would you mind given me a quick recap on the topic of your disdain for NASA so I can form an opinion?

    Brother’s Campfire

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  2. Well thank you for the follow and return! I do appreciate! My blog is the only place left I feel like I have any voice. And often I “get it off my chest” to post. When I should probably sleep on it and compile myself. But god made me messy. That’s how stuff gets done. Shit breaks and then blooms form.

    NASA is a dogma and murders their astronauts to meet deadlines. They milk the tax payers pockets and I never voted them as an entity. NASA also rehearsed the Moon landings. That’s not opinion but a fact.

    And with this Webb telescope that took 25 years to build, it will only see in infrared, everything will be artist rendered and imagined. ARTIST because it’s fake and not real. They say the Webb is going to see dark matter and the beginning of time.

    The Bible also likes to control and dictate time.

    Time is an illusion and manmade so those in power can make money off of every aspect about the human life. We are a product born to consume and live in modern slavery and serve the 13 families in charge (the 1%)/Illuminati/NASA/Religion/Porn

    They control our reality.

    It’s probably a lot deeper than that but they lost me after they murdered 16 astronauts.

    Fuck NASA because John Jones is stuck in a hole.

    I’m tearing it all down for John.

    I’m the wildcard they didn’t plan for.

    I’m completely erratic and unhinged but I will die defending my country.

    I will not lose my honor. Even if I die naked on the damn street!

    Thanks for being in my little corner! πŸ™


  3. I’m so glad that reply went through because I didn’t copy paste it first and wrote direct here and WordPress has been glitching and I would’ve had a meltdown. πŸ€ͺ

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