Science means compliance

I know you think it’s so awesome what NASA and the ISS are doing up there “in space” but they’re not really in space, they’re just freefalling earth’s gravity

And I think the results of “astronauts in space” would be completely different, if they were in fact “in space”

They’re not

They’re falling

Into earth

And it’s falling apart

The ISS is getting decommissioned

I can’t believe that they’ve already predicted the James Webb telescope is going to see “dark matter” and then they say they need like six months after they turn it on before they get any of the images back but that’s also bullshit, they just need time to come up with the narrative and the artist renderings

Artist work for NASA

You can call them scientist, but I just call them sheeple

They color and we pay a lot of tax dollars for these lies and colored CGI drawings

It’s all to keep us distracted from the truth and the source of the one

Stay woke

Do you really want to be stuck in this loop?


I’m getting out

I want to ascend

poetry coming soon…


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