Elon’s worried about losing his billions

Don’t worry Elon, money is just an illusion, think about it this way, only 3% of currency is real tangible currency that you can actually hold in your hand, the rest is digital…

Your wealth is a delusion


I find it interesting though that the types of spreadsheets you’re looking at is birthrates

It’s probably the first thing you check over while having coffee


But you didn’t make this hellhole good enough for the rest of us

Nobody wants to have babies anymore because we are only alive to serve man’s sexual need

That’s what religion and porn programming teaches

Children are fleshlights and I learned that from a pedophile myself

I still love hate him and you don’t get to crucify me for that

It’s probably best I don’t really know (I know) what he’s up to

Do I want him to drive off of a cliff? No

Do I want to go see my sister die? No

I’m more terrified that a demon is going to try to possess me while I’m in this vulnerable state and while she’s dying because she literally has a fucking demon in her πŸ‘€

We don’t choose the vessels we are born into, and our environments can shape us, but you choose to be who you are

You will always have more than one variable put in front of you

Which door do you choose?

I know that a hospital is a breeding ground for COVID and God himself could say, “Angel meeting, come as is, hospital grounds” and I’d stop him right there…. πŸ›‘

Is this some kind of trick

You’re testing me

2. I’m wounded and vulnerable and my Jeep is sick too

But you want me to drive both of us into the infection zone so that I can go hang out with a monster who has treated me in the most inhumane ways my entire life



I’m jumping so fast on that…

3. Maybe this isn’t my lesson to learn

Maybe I’m trying to learn other peoples lessons for them and in doing so I’m taking on their fucking karma and their negative energy

I probably should write to my Aunt who mailed me a Christmas card

I just thought I would try to ghost my entire family while they were still alive so they could really feel the fucking pain of it

I went no contact tho for my sanity because anytime I’m around them I’m uncomfortable, uneasy, never really me

They are toxic

Granted she’s dying

But who else is there? πŸ‘€

I ain’t worried about Lu

But COVID isn’t worth dying for πŸ‘€

I am pro choice on whether you want to get vaccinated

And if you don’t want to get vaccinated you need to take precautions

And if you are vaccinated but don’t want any booster shots you need to take precautions

And they will be slipping it into the flu vaccine so I won’t be getting any flu shots ever again they can’t fucking trickme there

Asia got me good with the gaslighting

Fuck you, Elon

Wherever the fuck you’re from

Mars is a pipe dream for the rich

Is your misery really worth their throne?

Not anymore for me

If I see anymore clever creators on TikTok trying to make an informational video like a cooking video or something, but it’s really a product or an ad they’re trying to slip in there and sell, I’m gonna fucking block you πŸ‘€

Actors exist as car salesman and if these Hollywood actors who are getting on TikTok are only doing so because they have some fucking product they are trying to push down my throat, I’m gonna block you πŸ‘€

I’m not the only one fighting back censorship by not consuming in capatalism

Not until they fix the housing market crisis

Not until they stop putting cancer and toxic products in well known name brands (example: Johnson and Johnson knowingly put products in their sunblock that causes cancer and you want to race out and put their vaccine in your body) πŸ‘€

All them vax use mostly the same ingredients and stuffs

Asia have made little jobs like working at a country shop obsolete (example: Japan now have Amazon markets that work on a social system and use no humans to run. People walk into the store, grab a bag of chips, and leave. No self checkout needed. Automated. Comes out of their account pre-loaded)

Eventually in Asia if your credit score isn’t good enough, you won’t even be able to travel and that communistic outflow has poured over into America because we let anybody come over here and live and the housing market is rigged and now unless you have perfect credit you can’t even rent a fucking house

Even if you have perfect credit and can rent a house, you’ll need to at least make five times the amount and have to work 2 to 3 jobs just to pay your rent and your electric πŸ‘€

I’m glad those of you who got your house paid off in the 80s or the 90s are doing so fucking good, maybe you should lower your fucking rent though if you have five fucking homes already πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

And I have no choice on whether I get hardwood floors or carpet, popcorn ceilings or not, I’m stuck with the shit that makes me sick, causes allergies, so I can rush to the fucking doctor because they take all of our good jobs and management positions too and that’s not fucking opinion either πŸ‘€

And many of the American foods that we eat here are actually banned in other countries because of the dye which is known to cause cancer

That salmon that you buy in the grocery store that you think taste so fucking good, they actually mark it pink and put some sort of chemical in it that puts the color in it so it’s not even allowed to be sold into other countries

I also found out that black, green and some other tea is not good for us because they’re putting something in it that hurts us, of course anything that we’re trying to sit back sip and enjoy is now harmful for us we know

They’ve been lying to us about everything

Lies keep this circus fest going

The reason they had us doing so much shit at work all the time is because they didn’t want us to figure any of this out and they didn’t want us talking about our incomes among one another because then we would’ve found out that they were taking all our best jobs but now you can go to migrationpolicy.org and research the facts yourself

You have to read every detail from start to finish

India specifically takes all our best jobs and management positions, Mexico placed second and now we know why Katy Perry is always pushing her Indian type rhetorical style of clothing

I’m sick of it all


I am entitled to not like other traditions or cultures and not be fucking racist

There are tribes out there eating the brains of the dead

I want to ascend and evolve

I’m sick of being preyed on by man!

Marriage is another form of slavery

Using women to gain favoritism and marrying for land!

Fuck all this shit!

Fuck you Elon!!!!!

They are manipulating the weather in Dubai

They are also manipulating the weather here so that everybody can claim insurance and now I guess the insurance people are sitting pretty

I guess now the government can sweep in and grant money that we don’t have

Start growing your own food

Start canning it too

This has got to be a game/simulation

The environment is dangerous

Berries that look exactly like an edible berry but is not

I bet the 1% have been corrupting dna of everything for a long time!!!

I have this real fear that there is a consequence of ending the game soon via suicide and that you would have to do it again

I’m not doing earth again

I want to ascend

Stay in the light!

I love you!

Going through all the feels ✌️

6 thoughts on “Elon’s worried about losing his billions

  1. your hunch correct, about desolate penalty for self-bio-termination. (according to my ‘da source’), soon as no body, then immeasurable grief and gloom seeps into soul, because truth becomes clear then, the suicide was the one who wanted life most fervently, ironic huh?, but no leeway in that condition to do anything about it, must wait out in kind of limbo prison without possibilities for realignment. just the way cosmos structured, nothin cruel about it, objective, also: cannot choose your planet, desolee, not an option for present level of non-ascendancy, turning away from earth lives = turning away from humanity, earth is humanity experiment, can oly return when spiritual conditions alter sufficiently to present reincarnating soul with meaningfully different set of circumstances and challenges, perhaps 500-700 years, (earth years), partly why I hope you stay, live thru the horse manure, one of the 12 labors of Hercules, see it that way, that is the ACTUAL pathway to ascendancy, again: desolee, become a sun, i.e. net giver instead of net receiver, personal suffering transforms in mystery fashion when we train our own concerns to be displaces by our interest in others instead… hard to do the more youthful one is, generally speaking, but it is courageous what you attempt, even the wrath within it, if you can succeed in transforming it, always will be elons, cannot really predict who is closer or not to ascending, it is complex, and depends greatly upon concealed past lives, instead must indefatigably believe in ones own belief in goodness, it does not come from nowhere, stupid retarded materialistic cosmologists try to sell big bang comes from nowhere, after a decade or two of their theories leaking too much water, they fucking dream up multiverse, one of them, and all of a sudden he is hero, till enough sobriety goes under bridge and newborns see it is ridiculous, stay sharp, once you go outside the box, forces want your intelligence and soul and yearning, you have powerful ally, tell angel every night, does not matter if you believe or not, tell angel you commit to being piercing warrior for truth, he will carry the oath higher, tell angel: i will see truth, i will look it in eye, if search kills me, then I will resurrect. aid them and they will aid you.

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  2. I had to read your comment like three times to fully take it in lol

    You seem to know more about the source than I

    I think I made a grave mistake, so I live in hours now.

    The little blessings are so much bigger when dying.

    Every minor miracle a kiss on the cheek by the universe.

    It’s really hard to stay alive these days. I’m trying to improve my environment but I’m being harassed. Can’t really afford to move with the market the way it is. It’s not safe here, it’s not safe anywhere.

    Suicide would be an humane ending. Better than whatever these monsters have in store.

    I believe dying in fear can trigger an even worse resurrection elsewhere

    Even if 500 years from now

    I sometimes know things before they happen

    I think dying in water should be a thang

    It would make transfer of my energy to the next realm better

    Not dying in some fearful way – but the soul needs certain things to help it ascend

    So you’re saying I essentially have to go through another hell when I die? 😫

    The source wants back to the light – the things that bring enlightenment

    Earth is a low vibration negative frequency

    I gotta start meditating again (hard when there’s no peace to be found in hell)

    The more I disengage the more things they try to do to me to make me engage

    My rent money is a scam

    I’m to the point where I just want to run off into the forest and die

    No goodbye

    No see you later

    No note of where I am

    I’m not doing earth again…

    *positive affirmations*

    *tries not to cry*


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