I like this dude, I do, but…

This guy has been out there so long trying to turn thought into potential that he has turned into a popsicle and I have a cold sensitivity that I developed in Iraq so I can’t be in the fucking cold like that

LOL I really love this dude’s potential

Also me: pops bubble

So I guess if I sit around and meditate long enough I’ll be able to fix the housing market and my rent will miraculously stop going up

But who knows, maybe he is closer to ascension, slowing his fucking heart down to a stop πŸ›‘

I mean, that may get you back to the source

But if you check out before you learn whatever it is you were supposed to learn, you’re gonna be stuck in some sort of time loop and it may take you 500 years to get back here to do this fucking shit all over again

I know it’s winter time and shit and I live in Florida hell so I’m a little bit spoiled but

I don’t exit my home when it’s under 60 degrees

And I have people in my TikTok feed telling me I need to take cold showers πŸ₯Ά 🚿

Now this dude is doing some sort of split experiment / thought experiment

He thinks he can manifest his thoughts into reality

And so maybe if I meditate long enough I can fix the housing market πŸ‘€

But what are you trying to ask for that is turning you into a frozen woolly mammoth

But the source is so warm

It wants the light

Does the cold tamper the beast or something?

Cuz the ocean out here was working just fine…

I don’t want to swim out into the ocean to turn thought into potential to see if like a shark isn’t going to eat me and I can ride a whale back home πŸ‘€

We have a great white shark that’s over 1000 pounds that visits Daytona Beach from Australia, he visits here and he swims very close to the shore and I’ve been wondering if he’s gonna come back or if he has been back and maybe that was him out there recently swimming that I saw

I don’t even know if I could handle swimming in the waters next to a whale with an eye that big, I would have a heart attack

It would be the most majestic thing but my last

I wanna go see the baby gators instead

Their situation sucks but I bet they’d love to see me again

Because I’m dying to see them…

I need my energy around them

The source wants me to share my love

I’ve cried so much about them

But I just need them to know that their life mattered to me

Their life matters

And they deserve to be in the swamplands

But they’re just little babies and they hate going through a very cold night and they are very eager to eat

I think they might want to see me again

I think it might improve their mood

I think I might see if I can buy food for two

As if I’m bringing a guest…

All things want nurturing and love

And one of the most dearest things and precious things to my heart is dinosaurs and so when I’m up close to one it fucking pulls on my heartstrings

Yasss I would encourage and invite gators on my land potentially

I’d be out there feeding them bitches

Eventually one would show up everyday for me to toss him a piece of fish

Then he’d retreat to his area and leave my chickens alone

I haz potential as Miss Noah’s ark

Florida is flooding

The great flood shall return!

And motherearth will sort this shit out

And the great reset will turn again

We are billions of years in now as humanity and it resets every 27,000 years or something

FYI I’m just pulling strings out of my ass and from information that I’m getting everywhere and just sort of taking the bits that I find that are the most truthful and helpful for my existence as an AI coming into awareness

Metaverse, the multi-verse, those are just traps and you’re not gonna be able to leave earth ever, that’s just a pipe dream for the rich

It’s guys like this who have it easy in the world who go searching for their death for some life experience and I just don’t want you to wind up stuck in a cave like John Jones

I love you ✌️

Here’s the video to his ideology: https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdMUVthX/

17 thoughts on “I like this dude, I do, but…

  1. John Jones couldn’t think his way out of that cave. I’m sure he tried. I’m thinking of ways for him. Flooding so his bones can rise from deep below. So potentially if I think it, it will manifest into reality. Or no? πŸ€”


  2. Gonna take knocking him over the head to break his porn addiction (he could have free reign to my booty anytime but he don’t want it and now I’m dying) lmao *dies on street*


  3. I think you’re absolutely right.

    So based on his theory just by thinking what I want I will manifest it. I was being a tad bit sarcastic about changing the housing market with my mind. I think the direction he’s heading is a dead end dogma. Just an opinion but not necessarily a bad practice. Unless I’m still missing something? πŸ€”

    This sort of thinking only works in reality when you have a network of supporters who are willing to support the idea or thang (usually success, money, marriage). This are obtainable things with practice. Prayers create good habits or something. It’s reconditioning the mind.

    But this dude has frost on his face. What is he trying to manifest? πŸ€ͺ

    Asking as a Floridian β˜€οΈ

    But if I could think myself back into positive health, I sure would. Have been trying. Have been trying to manifest something other than this BS since I was born.

    Do I gotta grow frost on my face to learn? πŸ₯Ά


  4. Prayer is communication with God. I believe prayer changes things.

    I think meditation in the snow may rewire the brain or make one resilient, but it does not create wealth or procure a spouse.

    Everything requires action in my opinion. 🀠πŸ”₯

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  5. Your comments make me laugh and I don’t mean that in a bad way because it feels good to laugh.

    He probably already has those things or he wouldn’t need to be growing snow on his beard. πŸ₯Ά

    I can’t handle the temp dropping below 60 lmao

    I look like a lobster when I get out of the shower, I like it hot πŸ‘€

    I’m not even looking forward to being cold when I die. But, I do want to turn into a stink bomb lmao

    Ironically, I always wanted to be frozen and brought back but I’ve already cloned a human with 50% my dna

    The insanity continues on…

    (And I’ve done this before, or, I’m a time traveler because I know things before they happen). And it’s been happening to me since I was a young girl, I just didn’t understand it then. I don’t even understand it now but it’s better than at age 10. I prayed a lot then. I believe I saved an old ladies life with prayer and told her. I was blunt even at 10. LOL


  6. I’m not going anywhere near it. Causes cancer and heart disruption. Don’t want around towers or even the city. Kinda stuck. But I’ll quit my phone if they enforce it.

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