Hollywood are pedophiles because Asia loves to sell children

The reason Hollywood is connected with pedophilia is because it’s been controlled by the 1% which is Asia (The illuminati) and children are sold over in Asia & Thailand & all of those areas for sex and it’s a big dream here in America because that’s what porn teachers our men

They hide behind the Bible to commit atrocities to our children, it happened with me, it happened with my daughter, it’s happening to you, it probably happened to our men as well

The Mexican government and mafia are torturing their own children

When do y’all finally stand up and protect me?

Don’t you want to save us?


No you want to get married and start your own family so you can potentially fuck your own child or wait until your child grows up, has their own family and then you fuck your grandchildren

Maybe you should turn the porn off now

Set down the bottle

Time to wake up

Knock knock

It’s not like any of your fantasies have ever been your own, why don’t you dream me up something I’ve never dreamed

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