COVID concentration camps

I’m buying a gun soon 🀩

TikTok removed this from the InfoWars TikTok account

I was unable to like it or comment

Which meant it was removed by communistic China who owns TikTok has began to remove it

So, I quickly decided to screen record it and share it here

It will probably take up ALL of the space I just bought for my blog (so I’ll delete it soon- so save it and do your own underground research)

Journalism is dead

Healthcare is dead

The VA are driving Soldiers to suicide on purpose

India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world

America is the only place where we are forced to watch consistent pharmaceutical advertising everywhere

They are poisoning our food, air, and water

You’re not safe in the country

Now’s not the time to fight among one another

I know that if things go dark, I’ll be gravitating towards other Soldiers

We will implement a plan to regain a state or safe zone

I know how to triage, ration, pull guard, provide medical care, and fight

I am currently wounded

But I can still fire my nine mil πŸ‘€

It was by no accident that China had a one child law and then they aborted all of the female babies and now they have too many men

The war isn’t over

But I’m retreating

And preparing for the worse

But I will let them shoot me in my head before I let them put me in a concentration camp πŸ‘€

I love you

False prophet, this ain’t the source ☝️

That’s indoctrination, a red flag

A cult

A pyramid scheme

The source wants you to win

Wake up, Neo

I love you ❀️

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