Asians are a threat (put yer big pants on)

You don’t need to worry about Hitler busting down your door, you need to worry about China

It was not by mistake that they did a “one child law” and then aborted all the female babies and now have “too many men”

I’m starting to see lots of Asian ads and content creators from Mexico, guess I know how the new algorithm took effect

And even though I click on not interested in a particular creator or song, I will see more of that content, by doing so

Pay to play

I’m prepared to smash my smart TV

And the Asians are trying to get clever with how they push advertising and they’re even starting to use old people to sell their products

Oh look at grandma πŸ‘€

Or the clever creators who blur an ass but have an OF πŸ™„

Or the ones who actually say they’ve been naughty but I can’t mention the fucking word πŸ₯Ά

The ones wearing cute little school girl outfits always going on about their stepbrother πŸ™„

I’m sick of the porn

I don’t care how it’s disguised

It’s selling a fantasy, a kink, another woman who exists solely to sexually pleasure mankind

That’s all Asia think women are alive for

And of course American women want to be desired and worshiped like all these foreign women get worshiped πŸ™„

We get sexually raped, molested, abused, kidnapped, murdered instead

These doctors wouldn’t be making consistent money if they weren’t over here poisoning us and then just gaslighting us about what is actually going on with us because they fucking know

The VA doctors exist solely to push Big Pharma

The suicide rate continues to rise among Veterans and military

TikTok is becoming toxic for me

Gotta focus on putting content out just on my blog

Wish there was a platform driven by the need for good ole’ entertainment

And not an ad or product shoved in your face to buy

America is an experiment where most of the food that we eat here is banned in other countries

It’s really difficult figuring out who my enemy is on the battleground because not every Chinese American is the enemy and so on πŸ‘€

I know the pope is telling atheist that they can get into heaven but God is not gonna let you into my kingdom

I mean I’ll be a voice for John Jones and tell you right now that he’s not going to let you there either because that’s what he’s laughing about and saying

More like snide snickering and huffing under his breath but in full agreement with me

Most of your choices leave you on a low vibrational frequency, you can’t get there on the frequency that you are on

K Black isn’t going to put you on the frequency that you need to ascend and also me and my best friend were making fun of her dads porn when she was 13 that we were watching on a VHS tape we found and the porn chic was fucking herself in the ass with a champagne bottle

Just in case you thought that idea she had was original or whatever

It’s not

I didn’t want to forget about my best friend so thank you for reminding me of that and giving me something else to cry about

Now I have John’s wings wrapping around me and I have to go (because my imaginary friends take better care of me than you do)

Also, I just found out that Bayer prescription aspirin was pretty much responsible for the HIV pandemic

I keep falling down the rabbit hole and I don’t want to talk about that right now OK, I just wanna be comforted

By the air πŸ™„

My body has found new ways to breathe, my heart carved a new pathway to keep my blood flowing

Been cutting out sugar best I can

A good portion of my diet is starch and sugar

The heart wants blueberries and beets

More nuts, dark chocolate, and beans

And, to visit and feed the baby gators down the road

Can we move to the part where god demands you build my ark

Are you gonna show up and give me my boat? πŸ‘€

Maybe try drinking one bottle less today

And pick up something to build instead

The flood coming

I just found out that all of Florida is basically a sinkhole

*pets hair*

*tries to calm down*

*swallows throats*

*free yer mind*

*okie dokie*

*there is no spoon*

“Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now”


I’m quite certain there could be some mold up there on that popcorn ceiling πŸ‘€


*refuses to see another traditional doctor that doesn’t recommend treatment that requires me to eat better and/or is only there to push a pill

Get your poison crack away!!!!

Fuck youuuuuuuuu (for John Jones)

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