Napping in 3 to 5 second rushes 🤪

I ain’t getting any sleep!

If you didn’t think that I was one of the universe’s favorites, do you believe me now?

The source wants us to win

This is a sign 💪

Do you feel the light ⚡️

26k views but not one notification from TikTok that my video has had lots of views


I don’t gamble, I don’t play the odds

I’m the wildcard

Here’s yer proof 🥰

It’s hit 27.3k just since doing this blog post! Well okay! Don’t blink! 🤪

2 thoughts on “Napping in 3 to 5 second rushes 🤪

  1. I still haven’t gone to check on my sister though and my other one isn’t texting me back and it could mean something very bad but no one has been here for me 🥰


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