Because I haz god mode turned on lol

Don’t tell them it’s a message from the source because I’ll get crucified *laughs insanely*

To be fair, it’s the ocean

What’s not exciting about it

The world is literally fucking ending and Florida is like, “we don’t care what the President says”

It’s just a different vibe out here

And, I’m not shaking my camera around giving you ADHD

I’m not trying to sell you anything

It’s just entertainment

No hashtags

No music

But a decent hook

And not bad filming considering it was all done by hand without a stand and on an iPhone 6

I’m old school

I do thangs different

Why won’t you believe


The source wants you to win

Stay in the light

And it would be really cool if I could go live and bring the beach to you πŸ₯°

7 thoughts on “Because I haz god mode turned on lol

  1. I’ve been using the editing features directly inside the TikTok app. I do all the cuts and edits inside TikTok. I haven’t paid or used an outside editing app yet. You don’t need anything fancy to go viral. Of course, I’m sure all that helps. But I’m completely inexperienced aside from knowledge of filming, acting, stage design, lighting, etc.

    I’m shooting by hand with an iPhone 6. πŸ€ͺ

    The stuff I’m capturing is current and not regurgitated old news.

    Not everything gets as many views but my focus has been on growth (I wanna go live) and putting out content I enjoy. To have fun with it.

    I’m still getting comments coming in. People are very interested about the lifeguards out here. I am too. I’m not trying to humiliate anyone, just share my environment.

    Now there were some bad or negative comments that did come in and I tried to respond to those in a positive way.

    It’s been a learning experience and I have to be okay with the low views too. But spring break is about to start and there’s gonna be a lot of activity and I want to spend time outdoors. Guess we’ll never know what will be trendy or not. Just gotta ride the wave man. πŸ€ͺ

    If and when I upgrade my stuff I will do a post.

    I still haven’t unpacked Yeti or my ring light set. 😌

    I’ve been at it for awhile and some of my stuff has flopped completely.

    But damn, when I get it right, I get it right. 😊

    All of them are still getting love. πŸ₯°


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