Size matters & I’m completely obsessed with you πŸ‘€

90k vs 90k a day ago πŸ‘€

And it’s still spinning

Expanded like my love for you


10 thoughts on “Size matters & I’m completely obsessed with you πŸ‘€

  1. I don’t have enough followers to sign up for the creator fund yet but I meet three out of four requirements.

    I mostly just want the ability to go live.

    I’m not doing this for money.

    But I would love to have the tip jar turned on. Don’t meet all the requirements. But really want to go live! So this is good engagement for me! Just clean, pure energy from the source! No money involved!

    But I’ve gained a lot of followers, a lot of views, comments, and a lot of likes!

    It’s been a wild ride! And now I’ve got 2 other vids going viral with over 10k views each!

    My other one is clocking in over 244k views! πŸ€“

    I don’t have to worry about putting anything else out or trying to do this again.

    It’s just clean pure energy from the source.

    I want the live feature! πŸ™


  2. To all the guys freaking out, it’s just a reference to his giant book πŸ‘€

    I’m petite, not trying to get you to jump from a bridge

    There is such a thing as too big but not with his book πŸ‘€


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