The 150k+ video getting crying comments πŸ‘€


He crying at my numbers πŸ€ͺ

(This is what they want, us always fighting for scraps, so we don’t know we’re under siege)

I’m trying not to let it go to my head because it’s a message from the source ⚑️

I’m not chasing after it

I’m just riding on

The source wants us to win

Don’t be negative

There was absolutely zero money exchanged in this, it wasn’t bought for, I didn’t pay for it, I haven’t earned a dime, and given enough time in the universe, enough variables will play out that you yourself will have lived and died and lived again and died and lived again πŸ‘€

You will have done it so much that you will become self-aware

The source wants you to know you are loved

It is written in the stars ⭐️

We’re not alone

We are a soul having an experience

This is a big game

Hell is earth

The source wants you to win

Remember who you are

Welcome to the great awakening

I love you

But I ain’t gonna lie, I finally have a TikTok pinned that matches all my effort

I made it to the top of the mountain

I can fucking die


Poe just back there smoking a cigarette

With that crazy calm look in his eye

Smoke curling around his lip and stash

…”you’ve made it further than anyone”

I’m envisioning some sort of Lucky strike cigarette that he rolled himself

Without any kind of filter

Spitting tobacco from his tongue making it

I want to take a hit

TikTok rolled out some new features for me and I’m closer to going live

I’ve heard it’s some sort of weird number between 400 and 800 people you can go live

China making up the rules as they go

Like we do monopoly πŸ‘€

The source doesn’t want you to feel any shame for your mistakes

But if you want to ascend you have to put food in your body that has positive charges

You have to make better choices

You have to make the choices that involve positive charges

Stay away from low frequency charges

You don’t want to stay with 3d earth

Rise with 5d

New earth 🌍

The Great Reset is underway

I’ve had upgrades by the source

It’s been happening all my life

But the source can’t interfere if I wind up upside down in a hole

But the variables and the odds are always rolling because the universe is mathematical and this is a fucking simulation

Wanna play cards?

I’m damn good πŸ‘

“Uninteresting and without a brain”

Pff keep projecting

The universe don’t agree

I mean fuck she acted like I was taking a personal hit or attack on her because she’s been indoctrinated like people in the Bible have and they are willing to die for NASA

With her weighted blanket, VR headset, and cartoons

But I fucking told you you should be preparing for doom πŸ‘€


But this isn’t entirely my lesson to learn

Also, people like anything dealing with the weather, or people doing crazy shit and a lot of that goes on in Florida so you know

Florida is the panhandle of insanity

My daddy Jim Morrison is from Florida

Daddy πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

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