Boom boom boom 🤯

The person who tried to get this video removed only successfully had it removed for a few hours

But now it has surpassed my other video which was at 10K and got to be out longer

Folks are glad the boom boom is back 🤩

I’m fairly certain I got to see DJ Tiësto back in Atlanta several years ago and my dad printed me up a special T-shirt specifically for that show only and Tiësto gave me two thumbs up during his set, he was very impressed, I danced my ass off all fucking night boiii

It was New Year’s or something

DJ Sasha and DJ Tiësto are two of my favorite DJs in the entire world

Anyhoo, I’m sorry you hate me so much that you feel a lifeguard doing his job is dangerous and threatening to your way of life 🤩

Dear God, I bet my life… “ahem” Poe says “no“, can’t even finish the dang sentence.. 🤪

I guess that bet is off 🚫

I’m fired up boiiii


I’m glad the video got put back up

I made it at like two in the morning and then I stressed out when it had 4 views because I didn’t think the video would be as good as the other videos that were doing so well that I had just put out that were both going viral and now this one’s also going viral so 👀

Now the video was pulled from the algorithm for several hours while it was under review because it got reported as dangerous activities 👀

A lifeguard doing his duty

My enemy is petty

Probably covered in snow, sin, and salmon

Not my lesson to learn 🤔

Thank you to everyone following my TikTok, watching my videos, liking, commenting, sharing 🤩

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