Nasty vile comments incoming

People butt hurt because I’m capturing photography of my environment

Making personal attacks on me

Making false claims

I like free-speech but I don’t have to like your attitude and I will only tolerate so much of it

With that said, I appreciate all the love and support that I have been getting, so I’m not gonna put a spotlight on the negativity

Even though I will spend the next 48 hours hour trying to figure out how to get it out of my head πŸ‘€

I may not be the best swimmer but I’m definitely not gonna go swimming in it when the flags are red and when the lifeguards are asking us to not get into the fucking ocean

Calling me a shitty Soldier is your right, I fought for that.

But it’s also my right to kick your teeth down your fucking throat πŸ‘€

Gonna ghost the negativity instead

Maybe delete and/or block

But this bitch, she gonna keep sniffing around the wrong territory

Gonna have to get the leash patrol

Block block block

And if you don’t like the stuff that I’m posting on my channel, then don’t fucking come to my channel and watch my fucking videos

I’m sick to death of death by PowerPoint

Fake journalism

NASA sheeple bots on repeat

Or somebody trying to sell me something

This was the year that I gave up chasing likes and view counts

So god said I love you

Chase no more

And even when my 10 seconds goes away I’m still OK with that, I still fucking went all the way to the top of the fucking mountain on my own

I’ll worry about riding the wave down later

You gotta ride life in waves man

Don’t let the assholes trigger you

Or give yourself five minutes to fuss about it but then let it go

Remember, the more you input water and food sources high in positive energy, you’ll start connecting with the source

But you have to clean up what you are putting in your mind, you have to feed your mind the good stuff


And it’s okay to come down

But I gave up chasing view counts like heroine and I recommend you as well

38,000 views, incredible, organic reach too

I’m also happy my spoken word piece hit 1700 views

But I won’t be swimming in a fucking king tide ocean anytime soon for views no

I worked as a medic for many years and I was in the army for 15 and the first thing I was trained was safety, you don’t become a fucking casualty yourself

That’s why I was so baffled at how John Jones got stuck upside down in a hole but then I realized he was murdered due to narcissism and bad management

Also, hear me on this

The cops are trained to keep us in fight or flight mode

I’m almost ready to check out of society

God wants me to stick around

People are trying to make me feel shameful about my content

People are picking on me

But the amount of positive feedback has been a fun ride and I am trying to learn how to grow up and handle people being just out right wrong and rude

And without letting it corrupt my lightπŸ’‘

Things of note: I can swim. You’ll probably never see me do it anymore. I have a fear of the ocean. I’ve had enough scary events to know drowning isn’t for me.

I’ve been living in Florida for many years and my last duty station was Panama City, Florida before I moved out here when I got out of the army

I’m a damn good soldier and if I have any entitlements, it’s because I’ve earned them, that’s how entitlements work

I also pay my taxes and the ridiculous gorged gas, food, and housing prices

These assholes just want us to lose everything we’ve worked for

Don’t engage

Our beach is one of the worlds most famous beaches, so we’ve have lifeguards, who also can arrest you

There is all sorts of stuff getting ready to happen here in Daytona Beach because we’ve got the Daytona 500, we’ve got bike week, we’ve got spring break, I mean we’ve got fucking everything and people come here from all over the world and we haven’t closed our fucking doors and I’m gonna be sharing all kinds of shit on my TT so fucking deal with it or don’t watch it, just don’t fucking watch it, how about that, you can turn it fucking off if it’s so damn offensive to you

I’m prepared to watch my numbers go from 489964258996423790509865 to 0

I think πŸ‘€

Social media is toxic

I can’t turn it off πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

9 thoughts on “Nasty vile comments incoming

Add yours

  1. Well I don’t expect every video of mine to go viral or to have this many views so I’m staying in reality. It climbed so high I don’t even know what 10k felt like.

    The big numbers are so big that God can’t even count.

    I wanna be able to go live and bring the ocean and the city, the madness and the calm.

    It’s better than watching people go live to write other peoples name or judge their profile photos.

    But I’m a criminal for finally catching something interesting on cam.

    And apparently my come backs were good enough to get all the love they are still getting.

    I wanna bring the sunrise and the sunset.

    And maybe sometimes you’ll see life going on.

    Because even when we only have a tiny amount of beach left we still use it in every possible way that you can.

    And others are saying that this tide is normal (the boomers, we need terms)

    It’s not bloody normal and even if it is normal or not, people are finding it interesting.

    For once, something not porn. And there are people living in parts of the world that didn’t know a lifeguard had a truck, could drive on the beach or even had authority to arrest your ass.

    I thought my video replies would stay low view, and I still jumped.

    The wave will come down. I just wanna go live man. It’s no biggie.

    But they’ve designed this shit so that we are all in flight or flight mode and at each other’s necks so we don’t know that we are under siege.

    Many cops out there are keeping people on edge, it keeps their job! 🀯

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  2. Social media is tough. I think @TrevJones has some excellent advice.

    I wrote a post about men in abusive relationships and it semi-took off on Reddit.
    Midway through, the temperature changed, and I lost all the “karma” on the post.

    People are downright mean and rude online as they hide behind a screen.

    You got this! 🀠πŸ”₯

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  3. The karma changing is what they want. They know negativity is harder to digest. And it takes more of the good stuff to stay atop.

    I caught something on camera and I filmed it good.

    I wasn’t shaking my camera for drama (hate the Blair Witch type filming).

    I like filming stuff. It’s what I do. People. Nature. Life. I document stuff.

    But the current trend apparently is buildings floating away in floods, truck drivers stuck in a winter hell, and beach patrol because *gasp* some people have never even seen a beach

    But to have some surfer leave me tacky comments about not being able to swim during times when the flags are red and the lifeguards are asking us to stay out of the water, is beyond shallow. She’s encouraging people to do stupid shit. She’s pissed off she’s not getting the views sitting there waiting to catch a wave. And just because I have a fear of drowning doesn’t mean I don’t know how to swim, I’ve been swimming all my fucking life… you won’t see me doing it during a king tide/red flag tho. I haven’t seen a green flag when I’ve been out there in a long time. Always red. Not swimming. Not dying for views.


  4. Thank you! Am trying to fight for peace of mind. Today I’m working on getting my bedroom together and hopefully I can get into some more beach shenanigans this weekend


  5. Way cool. This is blunt, but I know you can handle it.

    You know who you are so it is time to thicken up that skin of yours and get back to filming.

    Content creation is what you do. Get out there and do it! 🀠πŸ”₯πŸ˜‰

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  6. Delia,
    I hear you, I used to be a people person but people ruined it lol, btw thanks for the tiktok link, BEAUTIFUL ! πŸ˜πŸ’“

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