Things of note / going viral 4 times in a row

Why I can be proud my content was worthy enough to go viral, not just once, but four times simultaneously (and is still going viral)…

1. I filmed it myself. I wasn’t jerking and shaking my camera around dramatically for effect. I’m not trying to keep your attention by hurting your brain more. Fast images and shaking will cause ADD/ADHD. I’m not introducing myself on camera every video. I’m not forcing you to get to know me so that I can sell you a product (brands are the enemy). I’m not pulling pranks on people for views. I’m not purposely provoking somebody and then pulling out my camera to film their response. I’m simply capturing my environment. The calm and the chaos. I’m tired of fighting the system so that I can have a voice and I made a deal with myself that I was gonna stop chasing after view counts because social media is a gambling system and it’s designed for the house to always win. Even if you pay to play, those who do are constantly feeding the algorithm with old news revised as “education” so that they can escape the “plagiarism” rule.

But they don’t even give credit to the article that they’re giving you the story about verbatim, it’s not even their work, they’re just reading it, studying over it and then filming it and doing a green screen of photos or videos, that they didn’t even record or take themselves, they just use without any credit, in hopes to get these views and advertisers attention.

2. A lot of them shoot video but pay someone else to edit it.

I do all my content myself. I grew up studying the arts and entertainment, participating in drama any way I can.

I like to film bands performing, birds eating, accidents, lifeguards on the beach, how criminal.

And boii when I do something right, I really do it.

3. I do not pay to play, promote, or advertise.

Now will I be able to keep up the winning streak forever, no, I am not chasing after that sort of heroin or high.

But I would like enough followers so that I can go live so that I can start sharing my environment so I’m gonna keep putting out content the way I’ve been doing.

We’ve moved into a dictatorship over here where I don’t have a voice on social media at all, I can’t share my personality or my sexuality or my political viewpoints

I can’t share the fact that I nearly died getting vaccinated

And this is all I can do

“Words are the only thing I have left” should be changed to photography

4. I use trends and hashtags minimally

I don’t trust hashtags anymore

It’s like telling the prison security guard exactly where I’m at

“I was escaping but you can find me over here and shadowban me” πŸ‘€

Anyway, I wasn’t being mean when I was out there in the moment filming the lifeguard and whatever his perspective was from his end wasn’t reality from mine

And based on some of the comments, that sort of thinking hadn’t even crossed my mind

I wasn’t trying to show a lifeguard or a cop doing something bad

The ocean swooped in right there where we were standing and I caught it on camera. I was like “holy shit, the flags are red, they’re asking us not to swim, I’m not getting in that shit…”

The lifeguards make me feel safer out here

I’m sorry he feels humiliated or pissed off, that wasn’t my intention

We’ve had a lot of good comments come in, about the lifeguard program or just the lifeguards in general, because there are people that have beaches that don’t get lifeguards, let alone lifeguards that can arrest you πŸ‘€

It’s interesting 🀨

I didn’t think about it that way

I wasn’t seeing things from their viewpoints

We’re learning together. I’m teaching y’all stuff just by showing you stuff that you can see with your own eyes without me having to input or mold the opinion for you

“This is why you’ll like this recipe”

Just stop micromanaging/programming me so I can buy your product βœ‹πŸ›‘βœ‹

“Oh my god, guess what guys, another creator doing another video about something that has already been done, so exciting”!!!

But I’m the fucking Karen for just capturing shit on the beach


Well God says that I am his favorite and he didn’t like another creator telling me that I was “uninteresting and without a brain”

He says he wants me to focus on healing and sharing my environment more, including videos of his special creatures that stay low view, he says everything needs my love

οΏΌI communicated with a fruit fly yesterday and fed it

I didn’t have to train it first

This experiment took about 1 minute

Everything is sentinel

Everything wants safety, food, and a home from predators and the harsh elements

Stop swishing away the problems you helped create

It’s what God programmed us to do

We’re meant to evolve

This isn’t evolution

Society is under collapse

And now China is using every tactic available to try to maintain the threshold

Our own cops have been slowly molded to keep our citizens in a state of heightened fear and fight or flight mode

This is what I learned from going viral but I won’t get into the details πŸ‘€

I’m not out there harming people for views

Call me Karen, crucify me

I’m still God’s favorite


I think this is a message from God and he wants y’all to listen to the things that I’m telling you

He doesn’t want you to feel shame

The source wants us to win πŸ’ͺ

Links to my viral videos, that I filmed steadily, and without any hateful intentions, and all edits done by myself πŸ’ͺ

Clocking in with over a half a million views in just 4 days, 58 shares, nearly 13,000 likes, and over 300 comments, my first viral video ⚑️⚑️⚑️

Viral video #2 with 20,000 views

Viral video 3 with over 12,000 views πŸ‘€

Viral video 4 with over 100,000 views and over 1,000 likes πŸ‘

Video 4 was temporarily banned when it was reported as “dangerous activity” (TikTok restored it and it went viral even more). Legend says it is still going viral… πŸ€ͺ

I had a lot of fun making these videos and I didn’t know that I was going to have three more made that would do the same and the questions and comments just continue to poor in but I don’t wanna humiliate this poor dude anymore

I honestly was not thinking in my mind that he was doing anything wrong at all

I’m not the enemy

Just sharing my environment with y’all

And people are going to make mistakes, we have to learn to help each other when we do

When I was filming, I wasn’t even thinking about the damage the salt water could do to that vehicle, I was just afraid of drowning πŸ‘€

Being afraid of drowning doesn’t mean I don’t know how to swim

The lifeguards were asking us to not swim and the flags on the pole were red which means “danger”

Safety first y’all

I’m not dying for views… 🚩

Link to my TikTok profile:

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Thank you for all the love! My intentions are only good! πŸ™

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  1. “Well why didn’t you film the rescue”… Because I was at the other end of the beach live on my Instagram when I saw three lifeguard vehicles at the other end and made my way down that end. I ended my live feed to capture a little video. And it went viral. I’m not waiting around to watch somebody drown to get it on video. Y’all need to chill on the X factor.


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