So much to get off my chest…

She didn’t want me to lose my benefits and I would know if you died

Even if X amount of time passed without any certainty

I too would die πŸ‘€

I can hear what people are thinking

I’m communicating with fruit flies

And you think I need an official report or certificate of death?

Don’t die….

I also humiliated that poor lifeguard, which wasn’t my intentions, but when I decided to visit his profile after he left a comment under my video that’s going viral, I saw that his very first and only video from like a year to three years ago (however long it has been) was, ‘hi I’m here, I don’t know what to post…’

Well hallelujah God sent you an angel didn’t he and you fucking stoned her πŸ€ͺ

But it’s okay, God gave me a super warrior heart! πŸ’ͺ

I can take a crucifixion or two

But I have got a ton of comments coming in about the lifeguards over here

Now you know what content you can focus on

We bumped heads, biggie

But there’s a lesson to learn for both of us, point a camera in a cops face and it might as well be a gun πŸ‘€

And for the record, I wasn’t actually in his face or his space and my camera was aimed in his direction and at his vehicle, mostly the front of it, I wasn’t actually trying to get his face, so my camera wasn’t directly at his face

I wasn’t in the way or instigating or provoking or doing anything wrong but filming a lifeguard doing his duty and we are moving into a dictatorship where that’s going to be illegal soon, thank you China

I am a videographer & photographer and I hold my camera steady when I am filming πŸ‘€

Going viral has been an experience

I might wind up in a swamp tho

Got some locals going mad for my pp πŸ‘€

I ain’t leaving my house anytime soon

But I’m not embarrassed or anything to put more content out about lifeguards because I’m doing the stuff that I love, filming my environment

But I will not bow

For anything or anyone


God’s warrior

Angel / spirit guide in training

And there is no instruction book on going viral or how to handle it when you do

You know like in Beetlejuice when they died and they got a “handbook for the recently deceased”

God does not like people calling his soldiers boring, uninteresting, or without a brain

Why don’t you go back to plagiarizing the content that you’re going viral for because you know how to tweak the system or people to gain a buck

I see you giving all you have for the dollar

Chasing that broken dream πŸ¦–

I’m going to the range for target practice πŸ‘€

One day videos of that will pop up

You don’t know what kind of content you might get on my page because it’s a buffet of calm and chaos

I’m not a one trick pony πŸ‘€

I’m also efficiently trained to shoot you in your dick if you get anywhere near me…….πŸ›‘βœ‹πŸ›‘

The lifeguard wasn’t doing anything bad and that never occurred to me when I was filming the ocean swooping in around us and I was at the other end of the beach live on my Instagram when I saw three of the vehicles at the other end and was like ‘let me go down there and see what’s going on’ but I guess the rescue had already taken place

I’m not hanging out the beach watching people drown πŸ‘€

I want to go live to show you my city

It is a fun and engaging city and I am not trying to make enemies with the lifeguards who make me feel safer on the beach

But God had something for me to see

We all need to chill

China got us all snapping our heads like snapping turtles

Handbook for the recently deceased, man they don’t me movies like they used to…

I’m still stuck in the late 80s / 90s but I ain’t reliving it on TikTok

That time is done

We’re under siege y’all

Shit is bad

But I love you

The source sends big love too

And wants you to put spoken word on the TikTok

Focus on putting content out for the following that you already have, for the people you already know would like to hear what you have to say

If I were the only person to show up at the club, would you still perform? πŸ€”

This is a hypothetical question because nowadays if you want to perform you need to bring at least people with you because it’s your job now to bring your fanbase with you if you want to perform at a venue, it’s not a venues job to do anything anymore πŸ‘€

The venue isn’t gonna let you on the stage unless you bring your own fans πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž


You gotta be asleep to fucking believe it

Look at that, clocking in at over half a million views, 13,600 likes, and still getting the love πŸ‘

FYI: not everybody hates cops

We are all in fight or flight mode

Recommend: Not flying off the handle like I do

And feeding everything love and food


Soul food

Spread cheer, not fear

Peace, I’m outta here

(But for the love of God please don’t die on me and could we start at least kind of maybe communicating, I mean am I allowed to leave a comment)

Listen, god destroys stuff all the time

He’s like, what the fffffffffff is this mess

And poof, lights out

Black hole πŸ•³

NASA and the Bible desperately need you to believe that time exist because they wanna monopolize every aspect of life because this is a fucking Matrix simulation πŸ‘€

Turn your watch off

Yes, your precious Apple watch or whatever you wear

No actually you might wanna keep wearing your Apple Watch if you can actually call for help when you’re out there in the fucking forest and all

But they are getting us comfortable with being tracked 24/7

It was no mistake that China had a “one child law” and then suddenly aborted all the female babies and now have “too many men”

Mass suicide y’all

God looking at me like πŸ‘€

Let’s not die

But we do gotta wake up and start nurturing one another

Even those gnats that are aggravating you, they are hungry too

Feed them

You created that mess πŸ‘€

Don’t wipe me away when I’m buzzing around 😩

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