NASA is a dogma

NASA say images are CGI and artist rendered

NASA isn’t studying “the effects of space on astronauts” because the astronauts aren’t actually in space but instead freefalling earths gravity. It is simulated gravity because of orbital decay.

NASA rehearsed the moon landings (they also lost the evidence of us going to the moon)

NASA state the van Allen belt is a problem and they made it worse when they blew a bomb up there

The translation of NASA means “to deceive”

NASA = Never A Straight Answer

NASA = Not A Space Agency

I know it hurts. God doesn’t want you to feel shame.

It’s time to wake up, Neo

Now for my opinion of the James Webb – we can’t see in infrared. Everything will be CGI artist imagined and rendered (color cartoons and fantasy about “time” which only exists so the 13 families in charge don’t have to be hunters or gatherers, because they’re fucking lazy and you’re a fucking slave). They need 6 months to come up with the fairytale lies they are programming into you about dark matter and have already predicted that the James Webb will see it πŸ™„

All they see out there are little white dots and maybe they get information about the composition of gas and they come up with some fairytale about what’s going on, they don’t actually know and they are selling theory as fact and it’s getting ridiculous the stories that they are coming up with

Time isn’t real

Time is manmade so the 1% can monopolize every aspect of society

They are ahead of the game and they are creating our reality

A super computer existed a along time ago, just not in everybody’s pocket

They had fast food restaurants in Pompeii πŸ‘€

We are much more advanced than they want you to believe

Mars is a pipe dream for the rich

The van Allen belt is a huge problem 🚩

We barely have the technology to get to the moon now

Maybe I was only born to raise your awareness

And maybe I never grew up and maybe I never will

He thinks I’m “craving attention with posts like these” and I think he should get back to his fucking porn and leave me the fuck alone

I’m a soldier and I’m a blogger and I’m a writer and I don’t feel like sharing the fucking beach or my opinion is a fucking crime

It doesn’t make me a fucking child either to be scared of the ocean when the lifeguards are asking us to stay out of it and the flags are red, grow fucking up, if I’m a child then I’m telling you to fucking grow up…

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