My anxiety watching this dude crawl through earth

I still have PTSD from John Jones

How did I make my way on this part of TikTok 😩

*keeps watching videos but what in the actual hell*

Dear god no

Just no

I think John Jones bones will need to stay where they are 😩

I can barely watch these dudes Toks

And to think John went in head first 😩

And I wish he would’ve just stayed stuck the first time

Instead of unstucking himself to crawl deeper in

I know he was panicking because he couldn’t back up

But then to crawl that L turn

I just don’t get it

This dude’s TikTok channel is scarier than any horror movie I’ve ever seen 😩

I’m going to see if I can watch the rest of them

Maybe in tiny doses

I’m sharing this because there may be one other person out there that may be interested in this content

Viewer discretion advised πŸ‘€

If there were ever a time you wanted me to go crawling through the earth with you, no, don’t even ask…

Is it because you can’t have a baby or you want to experience pushing your way out of a vagina again?

I like exploring haunted houses and graveyards and shit but not the fucking caves okay no


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