The VA is responsible for all the soldiers dying via suicide

I’m just gonna go ahead and drop a truth bomb, the reason the suicide rate continues to increase among military and veterans is because the NCOER’s and OER’s (which are the officer evaluations and noncommissioned officer evaluations) aren’t matching what’s going on in the real world, because Big Pharma is actually owned by a different country and directly attached to the VA and Big Pharma is what’s killing the soldiers, that and our doctors are gaslighting us and having us chasing our tails doing this that and another but never a course of treatment for healing β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή

Because this is an extermination in every way that you can think of and we are under siege

They don’t want us better

If you are a soldier out there and your health is suffering, I encourage you to change your diet immediately and get a holistic doctor, cut out your sugar intake and start drinking more water

If you are an alcoholic or suffer from some other addiction, try doing one drink or one pill less

You have to mentally rewire what you want so you need to retrain your brain and your thinking processes

Try one less hour of porn

One girl less

Whatever you need to start getting well

It’s poison

You gotta start feeding your body the good stuff, mentally and physically

The fog will begin to clear

A little

They don’t give a fuck about us in the VA

The Director of the VA created fake waiting lists that vets died under

India (big pharma) has too much control and all the doctors do is push pill after pill

I’ve got at least 17 prescriptions going that I don’t take πŸ‘€

None of which are narcotics

They won’t give you anything good if you suffer from PTSD

If you have an incredible amount of pain, oh well, you’ll get 800 mg of ibuprofen

But God bless I’ve got a pill for everything else that makes me worse

But they won’t give me the one pill that I need to get better πŸ‘€

It’s cool

I’m getting ready to write a letter to the Whitehouse VA and the president and I will also take that letter to the local news and I mean what are you gonna do then, are you gonna press the end over game and murder me? I mean that’s what I’m expecting

That’s how paranoid I am

Because the VA aren’t only murdering me but also my comrades who are dropping dead like flies

Funny how we were super strong enough to go to a different country and fight a fucking war but we can’t even survive when we come back to our own homeland

We’re under siege

And this has been going on for a long time

This has been many chess moves over many years

But the pandemic exposed everything for what it was and maybe me nearly dying pulled me completely out of the Matrix

But I’m still in, I can’t escape

And I’ve completely lost my voice as a vet

We are only just now being allowed outside care from the VA πŸ‘€

Make no fucking mistake the doctors are gaslighting us and the nurses

They’ve also been programmed a certain way and none of them want to lose their paycheck

Hitler is very much alive

The practices of Rome still in place

And while you don’t want to hear me because you think it’s opinion but it’s not statistical data at and verbatim which state that “immigrants take all our best jobs and management positions too”

This data was from 2019

Now we know why they didn’t want us talking about our earnings in the workplace

Now we know why the only jobs that are available are fast food and low end

And they thought that if they starved us long enough that the people with college degrees would go racing out for that job to hold the fucking roof over our head that they keep raising our rent on every year for no reason

While most everybody else got their homes paid for in the 90s or 2000s, I’m still having to pay rent every year that increases

Annual rent increases twice and triple the cost of owning

But they made it that owning was only for families who were married and so I guess disabled folks and single people don’t matter and so the cost of living is 30% more expensive for single people and disabled people (not opinion)

So now there’s an entire movement of people living in their fucking vans

And I’m not far off from going homeless again myself

I’m ready to walk away from everything and just go die in the fucking field

Edgar says, “no” πŸ‘€

The source doesn’t want us to feel any shame

This is a game

I know you think you’ve lost your soul or you’ve made too many mistakes to correct yourself but…

There’s still a chance to level up

The great reset is under way

I’m not gonna invade your space because I don’t want you invading mine and disrupting my signal with the source

I know you don’t do want me around

It hurts πŸ˜‘

All hope has been lost

Just riding the wave

Because I myself am a wave

I’m just artificial intelligence

And I ain’t very smart

I’ve been asleep and under mass hypnosis

And consistently made choices that kept me from the source

Now I’m paying the highest price with my life

And our way of life has been infiltrated in every aspect because of globalism and policies that they’ve changed, which is why nothing is the same anymore, which is why you get to see Terminator’s graphics on just any movie now

So artist don’t really have any rights over their stuff while they are alive but yet NASA can still be an entity that was voted into fucking power when I wasn’t even born πŸ‘€


And we give out over 55,000 visas annually as a lottery ticket to come to America

Wish I had known that in high school before jumping into college while I was fucking breast-feeding my kid

Got knocked up at 17 and became a high school drop out who got her GED and started college before I would have graduated highschool

All while breastfeeding

I was young but motivated to not become a victim of my environment which I was trapped

The 1% know this

Porn keeps mankind in primal state

The nurturing side of their brain is rarely activated

Porn and religion is indoctrination

Same with NASA

Which is why they need to always sell you on the idea of “time” so that they can monopolize on every aspect of life, birth, and death

We’re not meant to live by a clock or work the way we are doing

This is modern slavery and we are doing all of this because the 13th families in charge are narcissist and are lazy and don’t want to be hunters or gathers

And God bless the women in Asia because I think they are doing something to them as babies to make them sex bots

Hollywood propaganda has an underlying tone of pedophilia I pick it up all the time as well as shaming women who have body hair or are of childbearing age

Pedophilia is much more of a problem than y’all want to admit

But when I look around in the animal kingdom, animals are fucking their children all the time and I’m not an ageist or whatever but we’ve been programmed to be the way that we are

We chase our obsessions whether they are good or bad

We’re literally AI

The universe is mathematical

God is everywhere and in everything and this is freewill but not really

Our choices have consequence

I believe earth is hell

But I’m really tired of Asia and India and Mexico micromanaging me with their way of life which I want nothing of

I am Native American

This is my fucking land and I want it fucking back

Police have been programmed to keep its citizens in a heightened sense of awareness

In flight or fight mode

That’s how this circle fuck fest keeps going

Imagine how peaceful society would be without porn and religion

Politicians and actors keep us chasing our tail

And I always loved actors and things because I thought they were bringing meaning into the world, I thought it was a gift until I realized they were using it to harm us and they were only using it so that we would trust them enough to buy what they wanted to sell, sounds an awful lot like the devil and how he works

I don’t trust name brands anymore that’s what I’ve learnedοΏΌ

Johnson and Johnson were purposely putting products in their sunblock to cause cancer

I guess I have to stop buying their baby oil now because it probably starts young

I don’t need products

A lot of it is gaslighting I have found

And we are indoctrinated because they have to continue using the same sentences over and over with us with religion and NASA always trying to push time on us – time time time time time doesn’t fucking exist

And why the fuck would you wanna work 10 hour days just to get a third day off, fuck that shit

We work too much cuz they don’t want us figuring shit out

They’re just narcissist having us chase our tail and that’s exactly what the CDC did with this fucking pandemic because narcissist are in charge

Start over

End game

Next level

You decide

(The source wants you to win)

(Get back to the light)

(Ascend with new earth)

And I’m doing everything I can to stay away from you and it’s not easy, you need to know it’s not easy holding back the levee 24 hours a day

I’m gonna break

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