My TikTok channel is growing + new video dropped

Y’all blowing my videos up on TikTok πŸ€ͺ

I’m so glad y’all like my little videos!

I just dropped a new one today!

Thank you for all the traffic, for all the love, the likes, follows, and comments!

Had another good live this morning too watching the sunrise with you!

Got steady traffic coming in πŸ’ͺ

I’m still getting good stats on my live streams as a noob! Appreciate you tuning in & stopping by, dropping comments and hearts! πŸ’•

Keeping my little introvert toes n’ feet off the ground

But every time I get out guys are trying to pick me up no matter what time it is πŸ˜‘

Phishing for all sorts of personal and private information (he interrupted my sunrise livestream twice)

Just chill πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

The sun hadn’t even rose

Too many decisions before hot chocolate and sunrise

I’m not a morning person

Or rather, it’s the period of day I take a vow of silence

No thinking, no decision making other than, “what sort of layers of clothing do I need to have on” and “hot drink or cold drink”

It doesn’t require exchanging digits, email, or making plans with strangers

I do get a lot of compliments when wearing my unicorn hat and it puts everybody in a good mood and I’m really glad for that I am

Just shopping at the grocery store I had six people tell me that my hat was awesome, it was 50-50 male female and one of the girls said that it was the “bestest hat in the whole world”…

Best ten bucks I ever spent πŸ¦„

But can y’all please stop trying to kidnap me

I will shoot your dick off

And I will toss it out in the sea

You won’t be able to sew it back on like Loreena Bobbitt’s husband did after she shot her husbands dick off

He went into porn I’ve heard 🀣

The 90s were something else

You just had to be there (if you don’t know about the Loreena Bobbitt case)


I will feed you to the fucking sharks OK

Fair warning ⚠️

Thanks for all the love on my TikTok channel!

Appreciate you!

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