I’m vaccinated but refuse to get a booster shot, a test, or a flu shot ever again and I wear a mask everywhere I go until I fucking forget and then I have a metallic taste in my mouth and I go “oh my vaccine must be working, don’t fuck up again” 👀

Maybe I would’ve never been exposed to Covid had I not got the vaccine or maybe I would’ve caught Covid and fucking died like my sister

Instead, I got heart inflammation because the CDC are cuntdickfacelyingdevilevilonepercentfuckyouuuuuuuoydi TX llzlhfhffzffh fxg hxgxuccu

Lying motherfuckers

I’m not telling y’all what to do, whether you should get vaccinated or not, but they are not being honest with you about the age group in which these vaccines will cause heart inflammation, it is not just teens and youth…

Heart inflammation includes adults too

“Well I didn’t read that on the CDC website”

Go back to sleep!

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