Please listen to this news reporter

I know it’s a recording of a recording

This journalism is really hard to get out so please listen to it

But you should probably watch it before TikTok takes it down

I need to tell you that this is biological warfare

NBC (nuclear biological chemical) threat

Asians are intelligent

It wasn’t by mistake that they had a one child law, aborted all the female fetuses, and now have “too many men”

It’s not by mistake that they keep us segregated

It’s not by mistake that India Mexico and other countries have taken all our best jobs and management positions

Our land is being stolen from us

In 200 your years women will only exist to serve the sexual needs of men and provide babies, we will probably be forced to have babies the way men were forced to sign up for war

We are being exterminated

But you might hear what this journalist/newscaster is saying about this virus/vaccine

We are living a black mirror episode, I just don’t know if it’s one that’s been written yet but it’s the one I’m envisioning right now and predicting and seeing and forecasting / foreshadowing

Nobody’s been able to tell me that I’m wrong

I am kind of glad to know the vaccine is weak as fuck because my DNA can repair itself

My heart is and has been

These vaccines cause heart inflammation in adults and now they’re trying to say that it’s just like the common cold which means they’re going to start pushing it in the flu vaccines

Biden has promised war with Russia if they do anything to the Ukraine and Russia has promised to do something to the Ukraine

I’m so glad y’all voted for Biden 🤩

*bangs head on wall*

I don’t know the reporters name but it’s from Fox News

It’s the same things that I’m hearing the governor of Florida say

The governor of Florida has never agreed with anything the current president has ordered

*tries to breathe*

This motherfucking shit has become personal because it’s now hit my front door (kind of you know with my sister dying)

Make no mistake

This is war

Based on my own perceptions, cops are a lot like frogs in boiling water and they’re not gonna know until it’s too late and I’m not gonna get involved with the civilians and the cops having it out but I’ll try to help pick up the pieces and repair the country when the shit storm stops

If I’m still alive

I’m tired of Native Americans living on conservation camps

I don’t give a fuck if you don’t have anything to say to me

I’ve got everything to say to you 👀

You only know to lie

Society is a sham/scam

Just please watch the fucking video

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