Dolphins swam right near me πŸ¬

“You can’t even swim”

Bitch, firstly it is WINTER

Secondly, the flags have been RED 🚩

And I went to your channel and I don’t see you catching anything laying down on that fucking paddle board of yours

You can’t even catch a wave

Be careful where you hurl them stones

I can swim

But I won’t

It’s called CHOICE

Deal with it

But reason 101 I don’t play around in the ocean…

There are giant fish with teeth in it (and this area is known for lots of sharks) πŸ‘€

And look how close God’s creatures come to me when I’m standing on land

Imagine what creatures are lurking below that I can’t see

Seaweed, jellyfish, it’s all the same to me

I was only allowed to do a three minute version on my TikTok because I don’t have the five minute feature yet, but this is a screen recording of my live feed yesterday, which went well!

A stroll through the park and spotted a family of Dolphin’s playing around me

One swam so close I felt my heart swell to my throat! But in a good way!

Excited but also scared

There’s a bench out there, I’ll be going back

What do dolphins eat? Wanna toss some food in there.

I know, I know, “don’t feed the wildlife” (unless you pay a fee)

Shut up please

I’ve never even been to Seaworld

Animals love me

They love my energy

Even tho everything scares me

But my biggest fears are in the ocean

Drowning being one of them

You ever hear the ocean racing towards you with a fin heading directly your way with only a few feet and a odd barrier of water land between you and it

I mean, for a moment, I forgot I was even on land

Was the thing gonna jump?

It had been making big splashes!

Watch the video! πŸ‘‡

Beautiful family of dolphins playing in front of me

Dolphin’s so softcore 🀩

My heart, my heart

My entire body was trembling with excitement the whole time

And it was actually one of my best live feeds as well

This is what God wants me to do, show y’all my environment, the crazy and the calm

I love you

RIP big sister

I just think that you probably fell down the dark singularity and that’s where I don’t wanna go

I’m not ready to die and I’m fighting every single day to get better and stay alive

And I’m semi better eating less sugar and starch

I drink mostly water now

And I’m not buying anything with that red yellow blue or green dye in it

No more poison in my body

I don’t watch much tele at all

I can’t get into anything but nature and dreaming

Lots of nuts, wild blueberries, beets

Eating the seeds of life

You should try

You should try eating nature instead of manmade poison

Hope you enjoy the dolphin video from my TikTok live yesterday!

Try to stay alive if you can

Stop drinking soda

I know it’s hard but when I went grocery shopping a few days ago I spent around $160 and the only soda I got was a 20 ounce Ginger ale

And it’s been several days and I still haven’t had a soda

I drank that 20 ounce in about five seconds and it was followed by several ahhhhhhhhhssss afterwards

3 gulps

Pretty certain my neighbors heard my relief

It’s a terrible addiction but I’m trying to manage it and I’m doing pretty good and the Lord the source rewarded me by getting to see those dolphins

I also didn’t know half the park was gonna be closed down for my walk-through the park which turned into a stroll along the sidewalk

LOL but people on the live enjoyed πŸ‘

So I put a three minute version up on my TikTok last night but then I thought the quality was too low and I hid it but then I woke up going “it’s dolphins in the wild”, so I put it back up for now… πŸ€ͺ

My head ain’t screwed on right

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