Some European countries suspend Moderna shots for those 30 and under

Sweden suspended the use of Moderna for those recipients under 30, Denmark said those under 18 won’t be offered the Swiss-made vaccine, and Norway urged those under 30 to get the Pfizer vaccine instead.
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Hi. Hello. Remember me? The one who got heart inflammation before it came out in the news?

I’m over the age of 40, you should be aware.

People are dropping dead in their 40s after getting the vaccine.

I’m still alive by miracle. It has been an extremely painful recovery.

I ain’t stressing my heart out doing shit.

I’ve been down since April of 2021 (nearly a year).

Be prepared to end your life.

Because even if you do survive you may never recover. 

Getting the vaccine means you have more of a chance to infect someone unvaccinated.

But if you get exposed to Covid you may fucking die.

Wear your mask, continue social distancing, I wouldn’t just be hanging out with people anymore.

Your job isn’t worth dying for either.

Y’all need to start communing and working together but be smart.

Quarantine. Distance. Mask. Do what you gotta do.

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