John Jones was sacrificed

John Jones was a sacrifice, all the parameters were set up so, and six months prior people were crawling into that same hole

He hadn’t been caving in a long time and he was completely embarrassed about getting stuck

That monster running that cave was just waiting for someone to die

“They should know better to go that way”

“They were an expert caver”

“The walls were dusty, that’s obviously not the way”

You ever have someone give you a map though that didn’t include a section of the cave, a cave that you don’t know about, and you’re down there crawling around in the dark and it’s already like 9 PM at night the day before Thanksgiving

You are already peer pressured into doing this “oh come on it’s gonna be a lot of fun” and then y’all get through the first section extremely easy so you decide to do the more challenging one because you were peer pressured into it

But also you grew up since the last time you’d been caving

And now you’re stuck in a hole and you’re blaming the size of your weight and you’re apologizing for being fat and making a rookie move

“Hi Susie. My legs hurt. I want out”

But they wouldn’t even give him a second phone call to talk to his wife who had been waiting for over a day above him with rescue personnel, like 100 rescue personnel (she probably married one of them)

She moved on after three years

He’s still in that hole 👀

That’s just not acceptable to me

It hurts when your veins and arteries close down preventing blood flow to your extremities

And tho cold to the touch externally, your body is burning up

It expends so much energy maintaining vital organs to keep you alive

He was so brave reaching the far unknown parts of that cave, that he still of today has never been credited for reaching

He marked unknown territory and claimed it but there’s no credit

Just a sign to humiliate his bones that are still there

“Here lies the biggest Darwin award”

“Don’t do stupid shit”

Look here’s the face of stupid incase the award alone wasn’t enough

*places face on plaque*

Oh yeah, John will be really proud now! – Michael Leavitt (down in that hole I sacrificed a good soul to the dark entity)

John complained about sweating a lot and being hot

When he lost control over his legs, also his bowel movements

Some of the rescue personnel complained of “the smell”

I’d like to put them in their own stench

So when I was living in Germany and I worked in the hospitals (I also worked in the hospitals in the United States but this story is when I lived in Germany), some of the times I would need to do patient care from the back of an ambulance

One time a black couple needed transport and the lady had a sudden bad case of the number 3

We have no windows to open or air out

I put a plastic tub under her and cleaned her up

She was humiliated and mortified

I was very professional

I told her not to worry about the smell

I said things to cheer them up

I never complained

I did patient care

I can’t even fart around a guy without being humiliated 👀

Let alone take a poo

Imagine having diarrhea in the ambulance

It was a long ride

We all enjoyed the fresh airs once it arrived 🤪

Had to get all the way back to LRMC (Landstuhl regional hospital tho)

I once worked here!

But I was attached to the Army

We did weird rotational shifts

It’s all in my records

I have so many credentials, awards, certifications, medals, expired license

My resume condensed is still 4 pages long

Education takes up at least an entire page 👀

I can save a life but I still don’t know how to put a coffee table together even with directions 🤪


Worse way to die

John Jones

The new Miss Universe is from India, meanwhile, Miss America 2019 just leaped from the 29th floor of her building

She jumped into the singularity

Try to stay in the light

I went to her Instagram and the second photo before she died is a really cute photo of her in the gym and also a 20 ounce bottle of Coca-Cola tucked in her bag- I’m telling y’all that shit is poison and will directly shut off your happy receptors

All junk food

White sugar is poison

I’m trying to save your life

You can’t climb a mountain in a day and I know you can’t beat your negative habit in a day either and you need to start giving yourself the love that you deserve and that includes putting food with a positive charge into your body

I prefer dark chocolate cashews, dark chocolate almonds, you know stuff that doesn’t have added sugar

I didn’t give up everything

But I drink mostly water now and I know it sounds boring but my body is responding positively even though I may have already crawled too far into the hole

Sometimes it’s not too late to turn around

But a third dose or flu shot would certainly be my end

I should have never proceeded with the second dose

I wasn’t doing good but I wasn’t this bad

And my doctor from Asia who is my primary care doctor is pushing a booster shot on me and I haven’t even recovered from heart inflammation

The only way I can get a new doctor would be to move

I’m done with traditional medicine

It’s been a Trojan horse

You need a holistic doctor if you want a doctor but you mostly just need to change your fucking diet

I don’t wanna die today

I’m not ready to die

I’m not letting them march me down any further into the singularity

They serve a dark entity

I want to stay in the light

I know you don’t love me but I’ve convinced myself most of the time that you do and so I sort of live inside that love

I don’t know what else to do

You make it easier to breathe

If they had let him talk to his wife again, his brain would have released a bunch of dopamine and chemicals, which might have gotten him through a little bit longer and helped with his pain or to ascend

He might not have lost all hope when they dropped him on his head and left him in there for dead because I don’t believe for a moment that suddenly they were able to get to him and touch him and to get his vitals

You’re not gonna be able to get a reading from his legs

He hadn’t had blood flow in his legs for many hours, he was going to lose his legs if he was even going to get saved and they were going to have to break him in half to get him out

They gaslit him through his end

They drove him mad down there

“100 rescue personnel outside”

“What’s that sound”

I mean, they weren’t even telling him what was going on!

They dropped him further in that hole!

Why would you put the main pulley section on that natural arch

In a cave of putty?


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  1. All the leading ladies are from India lately and all the men are leading the way with the Democrats by being a CEO on Twitter from India, I mean where else can we go with this…

    The stench is UNHOLY and VAPID


  2. Other people have called him stupid. I don’t believe that at all.

    I hope Michael suffers a painful death.

    But he’ll probably get off easy.

    All these monsters do


  3. We’ve got them in the good grocery stores! Try your produce area (not the shelves). You’ll find them with dried fruit and thangs! But also, you can melt your own chocolate. Buy a good chocolate bar and drizzle it over your fruit and nuts for a reward/healthy treat! It only takes a couple minutes to heat some chocolate up and prep a small tray. Teaching myself better habits. Not giving up everything but also baby steps. 🤪

    Liked by 1 person

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