LMAO welp πŸ€ͺ

I don’t claim this negative energy but that baby boomer in the office when I went back there to let them know that I had a video going viral (because I thought it was really cool) but he literally nearly snatched my phone out of my hand and then he started defending what happened and I snatched my phone back and said that wasn’t the point

See the video and comment here πŸ‘‡


My viral videos are still getting attention and that baby boomer must really be getting his asshole tore up over it

That cop gave me PTSD and then I spent another 20 minutes asking another lifeguard outside was it illegal to film on a public beach and they said no

I said well that’s where we’re moving towards because of that boomer in the office

We need terms

Cops are frogs in boiling water but I also learned that if you point a fucking camera at a cop, you might as well be pointing a gun at them…

I guess I’m Karen πŸ™„

But FYI I was live on my Instagram when I saw all of the lifeguard trucks at the other end of the beach and I ended my fucking live so I could go see what was going on

I guess I missed all the action, the only thing I got was the ocean fucking swarming in and it had nothing to do about the fucking truck getting wet

I wasn’t instigating and then pulling out my camera for the reaction

I didn’t pull a prank on an unsuspecting person or give them any health issues doing so

I wasn’t putting myself in danger for views

I wasn’t jerking my camera all around to give you brain damage or to make the content seem more interesting

I’m not using someone else’s intellectual property as my own

I didn’t even know the lifeguard had done anything wrong and I still of today don’t think that he did anything wrong

So now the Boomer in the office is no longer holding “truck meets” on the beach presumably making decisions over an edited TikTok video πŸ‘€

I do not claim this negative energy πŸ˜‡

I hope that poor lifeguard hasn’t gotten in any trouble but I would literally protest for him if he were punished in some way

This was supposed to be a fun experience for us but it’s not I guess because of that damn Boomer. We need terms. 😎

So, I can make another presumption that the entire Daytona Beach Lifeguard cops hate me 😈

I think mostly God just wanted me to know that I shouldn’t feel safe around them

The protection is just another lie

But also, he really did not like that other “creator” calling me boring, uninteresting, or without a brain

Oh yeah, can you get the entire Daytona Beach police to change their policy by the stuff you capture? Uhm no, you can’t even repeat a thought of your own.

“Go back to sleep” – God

Unrelated but not: “there are things that happened down there that will never be disclosed” – Michael Levitt

John Jones was murdered

But I guess the boomers in office are going to make filming in public locations illegal

Because China has been molding them to keep the citizens on edge so that they have a job and aren’t bored in the office by all the good behaving citizens

(Proceeds to ruin the minds of all American men with racist porn)

Yeah well let’s put cancer in the baby products and start early that way we have a job, that way we know that we have a reason to come to work everyday, let’s just fucking kill them (doctors)

By the way, all you big black cock white hating lovers, slavery started with black people

Let me say it just a little bit louder for the people in the back who have no ears

Slavery started with black people

Enjoy your porn

Most of the white people you’re hating on, our ancestors didn’t even own a fucking slave because we were too fucking poor and were too busy fighting for your freedom

You’re easily manipulated and ruled by money, religion, and porn

You’re terrible lovers based on the number of white vs black lovers I’ve had

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