Thy crystal ball (thoughts)

Einstein formulated an equation so the establishment could control time and essentially everything that God created as his own, under his own rule, and authority.

It’s narcissism.

They’re insane.

They don’t believe in God because they think they are god.

They have sex with children and think they reach Christ consciousness.

They serve digging up the dead, AI, cloning, consciousness META immortality upload.

They don’t serve humanity. Animals are ritual sacrifice.

They’re blowing bombs up everywhere!

They’re destroying everything so that they can rebuild the world under the ark they have in Antarctica.

Using DNA that’s been modified so we’ll bow down and worship them without question.

While they shove propaganda down our throats and the humans become obsolete and worship all the human hybrids AI bots instead.


I’m already bored of the future.

I can tell that Apophis has them scared and restless.

NASA is a money scamming lie. We can’t leave earth. The Van Allan Belt is a huge problem THEY made worse, according to them.

Your math is wrong.

I’m selling my TV and probably the shirt on my back.

I’ve deleted most apps.

It’s all propaganda.

I refuse to give the establishment any more of my energy or time

Advertisements make me ill as does a computer screen.

The devil tried to kill me twice and failed.

I’m still fighting for my life.

Germs exist and so does Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Warfare. I’m skilled in this field.

I’m no longer afraid to be around weapons or harming myself. Big Pharma propaganda got to a lot of us.

I am God’s warrior.

Mold and fungus shapeshift and coexist and are one in the same, and they love sugar and they can control your hormones

Mushrooms aren’t your fucking friends

But I still feel bad for kicking one πŸ‘€

That thing was breathing

It had gills and a family

Mark Burgess should be very scared

Whatever move he makes, it’s anticipated

Double jeopardy in the sense that I can’t be killed twice the same way

If they have another version of me locked up in a fucking tank somewhere…

*tries to calm down*

They took everything from me when I enlisted, including my fingerprints, hair, & blood

Fire and brimstone because they plan to drop a bomb

If we don’t eradicate the narcissism in the world, we’re not gonna have a chance to thrive

I always questioned the biblical narrative on time when I was a child, it never made sense to me how humans could just come along and change the time

We’re not in the right timeline now

If anything, it’s more like year 6615

Humans destroyed dinosaurs

Some still exist but we exploit animals, children, and women every way we can, thanks to man

Thinks having babies is “easy”

“Got it easy” so let’s destroy them every way we can

Can’t stand the fact that they can’t breast-feed so they try to take that ability away from women by shoving fake boobs down their throat and also notice how women like to change the way their nose looks now to appeal to the boys who want to be girls so that they can have little children drinking off their fucking nipples and fake tits because they’re pedophiles

Yeah I said it…

So I guess there’s no gay people out there that are pedophiles at all huh, none, and they get to adopt all these children but none of them are pedophiles huh, none, none…

The reason many of us don’t like our fucking parents is because they were fucking us in so many bad ways

“Just get over it”

Sound advice from a soulless life-sucking energy draining demon

The world is overrun with narcissism and there’s only demons or humans in this timeline

An extended detox of black walnut and wormwood is saving my life and I’m starting my dog on a detox too

Price dropped on my favorite medical remedy – goodbye evil doctors

The gaslighting on the food labels is driving me mildly insane and the FDA are getting ready to change what they are allowed to put on the labels because they don’t want you to know what ingredients are in there because they don’t want you to know that they are poisoning you

Alcohol causes early hair loss (it’s poison)

You’re frying your nerves 😬

Your soul is crying begging stop

Black walnut and wormwood is helping with my sugar craving addictions

Black Walnut & Wormwood is better than holy water but I’m going to get some blessed water soon in my canteen and hope to not get arrested doing so…

“What are you doing”

“It’s not for drinking Sir” πŸ‘€

*lifts canteen out of water eagerly*

The rabbit hole goes deeper

Back when I was being educated in college only 3% of all money circulating was tangible money, the rest was digital (an illusion)

I’d stop using traditional banks who do illegal activity with your money

I’d start investing in gold and jewelry and growing food, and pull your shit out of savings

The system is corrupt

Asian espionage exists in America, most of your products you bought are probably from over there and they already have a problem with internet espionage in their own fucking country (India too)

The immigrants in America do have all our best jobs and management positions, too

Not opinion

I mean, it’s pretty fucking obvious isn’t it with all the shitty jobs that are available and how everybody with college degrees are like “no, I’m not fucking working at McDonald’s”

Now we know why they didn’t ever want us talking about how much we earned in the workplace because they were stealing our fucking jobs

Immigration has been a Trojan horse

There’s more but I’m only speaking with God

I’m done talking, I’m hungry

21 thoughts on “Thy crystal ball (thoughts)

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  1. So many highly relevant points in this post. I can’t respond to them all but agree that narcissism needs eradicating as it is the biggest issue I have experienced in my life. As for the DNA thing, take a look at the fact that nobody seemed to talk about antibodies in relation to the pandemic and they all pushed vaccines, which have been proven to affect both RNA and DNA

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  2. The vaccine has been designed to make any underlying health issues surface. So the CDC and medical staff lied when they said “it was made for people with underlying health issues”, “you’re safe” and then Mark Zuckerberg forced his cartoon propaganda on us everywhere, while simultaneously destroying the presidential elections. It’s all making sense the misery. But, this isn’t the country I fought for. And the immigrants quickly become nationalized and then vote. But, I’m not allowed to talk about it. And that’s OK because I’m a better shot and I’ll be back at the range soon.

    Thank you for your valuable comment (and not slandering me).

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  3. You should upload pictures at the range! My pleasure. I think once we wake up it becomes extremely difficult to ignore the truth, which is of course part of it. Glad to read your post again, love reading your writing. Stay safe and good luck with the detox program πŸ˜€

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  4. Thanks! I’m in and out of ascension. It’s been a rough awakening. I’ve ordered extra bottles this round, and plan to only do the highest doses! No more fucking around! I got a tongue for the poison now! Plus, it’s actually healing me! I’m on the 5 day rest currently. Then starting up round 2, bottle 2. But because I plan to do the highest doses, I got extra bottles while the price was low. It keeps going up and down, I’ve not the pennies to spare!


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