WordPress plan = dictatorship / domain useless

So apparently the plans have changed

And if you buy your domain for a year, the only way to use it now is with the WordPress Pro plan, which runs $15 per month (that’s nearly two bills annually just to let people visit your blog at your domain you pay for / basically rent)

God I’m ready for war

Just let me sleep the next 50 years…

Uhm, if anyone has any advice on where to start up a new blog/website, so I can transfer my actual domain and use it, that’d be great

All the big folks ran the little folks out the yard

Yay Globalism

The Great Wall of Deceit

Did you know the men in Asia are actually growing stronger and bigger than they were in the past and there’s “too many men” because of their one child law and aborting all the female babies over MALE preference.

The Great Pyramid scheme

I’m in my masculine because there aren’t many manly men anymore huh

Enjoy yer porn

I hate you


I’m back under my original plan. WordPress offered. I agreed. My plan hadn’t yet expired when I canceled. I thought I’d have credit to play around. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I didn’t know it was that.

I didn’t know I’d lose access to my domain or have to pay $15 a month under the new WordPress Pro just to use my domain (which I also have to pay for).

So I’m under the Legacy account now.

8 thoughts on “WordPress plan = dictatorship / domain useless

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  1. Thank you.

    I was under a paid plan, that made my website advertisement free and allowed me to post original photos and videos with my writings. I wasn’t spending anywhere near $15 and now that’s the only option to use my domain.

    Pay to play.

    This regime is evil.

    So many red flags going off.

    I just want to put out original content, as shitty as it is, without advertisement & spyware blaring.

    I’m losing my mind.

    Poor Edgar Allan Poe.

    Can’t even publish his works. Starving. Doesn’t have a pot to piss in.


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  2. I appreciate that. I don’t feel as experienced as others. But the effort is always there.

    I don’t recall WordPress letting its current customers know about these dictatorship policy changes.

    It’s like a 500-1000% price increase.

    How am I being dramatic? How is everyone so calm?

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