The vaccine is a biological weapon (a word from a Soldier)

Well, what’s my experience you say?

I’m a Soldier

Highly trained in Nuclear biological chemical (NBC) warfare

I have training certificates from the Army

I am still a damn good Soldier

I have got to stay out of the newsfeed and focus on healing instead of the fearmongering and division

The stronger I get, the clearer my enemies become

Loreena Bobbitt’s doing all right for cutting off her husbands dick

Most criminals are doing better than the honorable veterans out there being driven insane like our dear Edgar Allan Poe

But the question is, when you see me popping up in your neighborhood, are you enemy or foe?

Got to go!

But I really can’t go anywhere because I just dropped money on a storage unit when I guess I should’ve been doing repairs that I didn’t realize I needed to be doing

Homebound with the devil currently

It’s Sunday

He’s not invited for dinner but I’m eating end of the world canned food!

Welcome to hell!

I guess Mary Magdalene was a clone! 🥶

Or rather, conceived in-vitro?

Everything is one fabricated lie

The Great Pyramid scheme!

The Great Wall of Deceit!

Living on nightmares and broken dreams

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