So… (diary log)

Sometime last year (I think it was last year) I had to repair (back to back) my battery and my alternator on my Jeep and now my starter needs to be replaced but I haven’t actually had anyone take a look at it and I don’t have a male figure in my life

Amazon offers the part I need for $80, free shipping, and an optional 4 year part warranty on repairs for an additional $15

Meanwhile, Pep Boys and the Jeep shop, are quoting $500+ dollars for parts & repairs, with the part on back order for several weeks (Amazon can ship today), and a “no guarantee or warranty”

Additionally, I’d have to wait weeks and tow my vehicle to the shop before they could even order the part


And it’s against the law for any of the mechanics to actually come to location to repair my vehicle because this is a fucking dictatorship isn’t it and all the little cops running around look like Asian men to me

Uhm, so, I think I need a starter. The signs were there.

And I should have taken out the full loan that was offered to me because then I could’ve bought the storage unit and the part but I played it safe which was the wrong fucking move and my bike wheels are flat so it looks like I’m going to be walking with my M9 bayonet in the Florida summer heat with a half functioning heart. Yay.

I’m going to buy the part and then I’m gonna sit outside and cry until someone comes along and fixes it and then I can give them 50 bucks and my gratitude

I’m not dying on the street and I’m not gonna give up on my fucking vehicle because it needs a little TLC

The part I need is in my Amazon wishlist

If anyone knows of any agencies that helps out Veterans, human beings in need of assistance, or kindness in general, I’d be grateful for the tip

I can’t buy basics like food without my wheels and the likelihood of me getting kidnapped walking around the city trying to get to the stores is very very high, especially here in Daytona Beach, Florida (just Google the crime)

I just dropped pretty much the only money I had on a storage unit and moving boxes because I’m trying to get out of this hell zone, but the devil has got his hooks in me hard

I’m already watching YouTube videos on how to potentially change out a starter and I’m terrified I’m gonna get electrocuted trying to fix my ride

Top priorities in my life are to get a bike or a husband and stop keeping me from my purpose…

K, thanx, bye… (with love)

Bruises and bubbles

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  1. yes, that sux, agree… Could you do something like contact an auto mechanics trade school or something like that, and find somebody who is not yet associated with a body shop to come and do the work at your place? I’m thinking maybe somebody would like to get the experience. Of course you will ahve to judge him, but might work out. Freelance Auto Mechanic Student Wanted. 🙂 good luck.

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  2. That’s actually a fantastic idea, thank you. Has more potential than me sobbing at my Jeep. It didn’t help that calling two body shops sucked the life out of me. I was impressed that Amazon offers the part immediately and with a 4 year warranty. Not sure how the auto shops are going to stay open in the apocalypse with those prices and slow service AND no guarantees.

    We do have a lot of college’s ’round here…

    They always after $5 bucks. I might have a fifty if they can get my wheels up and running. I’d even go buy them a $5 pizza to test out the wheels.

    *makes sign*

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  3. Oh good then — hope it works. You know, back in the old days, even some high schools or community colleges had auto mechanics classes… and I think startre engines are not that serious, cause you don’t have to get involved with the engine or transmission or something.

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  4. Yeah that’s what I’m reading and that it’s right next to the battery cable. I don’t even know how to replace my bike tires and I never had a dad…

    I appreciate the advice. Greatly.

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