Elon Musk wants to go to hell (wish granted)

So apparently Elon is on Twitter talking about how he hopes he “goes to hell” and I’ve been telling y’all that the establishment serve a dark entity and not humanity

Elon does not side with God, he thinks he is God

*cue eye roll*


He also mentioned something about dying a “mysterious death” but I promise you, it won’t be that fucking mysterious. If words really were commands, I’d have Vladimir Tepes rip his balls out in the middle of the street…

His hair is fake

His education is fake

I hate him so

I had no idea that unplugging from the matrix meant my dream of living on Mars would die, but I was that astronaut girl out there doing things and on local news TV trying to get to the God of War

I had to do special interviews and medical reviews and medical exams and all kinds of fucking crazy shit and I passed all of it


I fucking loathe the establishment

Since 1970/60% of all species have gone extinct, but we have the Great Ark in Antarctica and the Great Wall of China to rebuild under their rule, they keep digging up all their dead relatives and want to stick them into the meta-universe and tag us like cattle so that our banking information will be tattooed on us and they can get fucked 👀

Only the elite will be powerful AI hybrids and us obsolete, no-for-good humans, are just expendable cattle

It was by no mistake that China had a one child law, spent decades aborting the female fetuses, and now have “too many men”, according to the “science”

Asians are growing stronger than they were 150- 200 years ago (not opinion)

According to Google “men can have babies”

I’m sick of the propaganda

I can’t even play a game anymore without the constant product placement

We don’t get rewarded for giving them our time to entertainment either anymore so please stop funding and supporting Hollywood, which is NASA and the White House and China


The rabbit hole goes so deep but John Jones was already crucified upside down in my lifetime and I want fucking revenge or at least his bones in my backpack and on my back…

God owed him some sort of favor down here and he used it to save my life…

I was so close to death, John flipped me right side up

I’m spitting less…

Black Walnut & WormWood detox (will cure cancer) ((potentially))

The establishment serve L-U-C-I-F-E-R (fuck off) (I do not give you permission to be in my life. Words are commands. Be gone!)

Hot spots: https://linktr.ee/PoeEternal

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