“You can’t kick the Holy Spirit out…”

I know it’s the algorithm but I really know God wanted me to hear this especially after my little fiss fuss with him


I didn’t know if anyone else needed to hear this too…

Because I too stumble and do things unholy

God was with me every step of my dying

You have no idea how getting vaccinated nearly ended my life

And the struggle, to heal

How much pain my heart was in

I had to feel my heart weld itself with electrical charges

I walked 2.4 miles today and came home and puked

Then I got to hear this on repeat a few times

Never in my life heard anyone say cursing God is okay

And then to confess openly on my blog that I did such a thing

And some 48 hours later stumble on this message

As if God himself wanted me to know it’s okay…

God isn’t going to abandon me like humanity

And I’m working on not abandoning myself as well

Part of saving humanity is saving myself

I’m undergoing physical and spiritual changes in my life

The process is messy and not overnight

I don’t want to be this monster that I’ve been groomed to be and I don’t want to live in fear

God wants us to win

Winning is beating the devil and all his tricks!

God gave us freewill

Our choices matter

I’m refining the process of my soul

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