The aliens are us, wake up! (The truth)

The aliens are us, wake up!!!!!!!

We have the technology! We had it in the pyramid days!!!!!!

The establishment serve a dark entity

The Internet is dead!

If Twitter has all those fake bots and you’ve been spending money trying to promote your shit, I’d be suing the fuck out of the establishment, but also, Instagram is doing the same stuff, they all follow the same format, the same narrative, the same narcissism, the same psychopathy

The same playbook

I told you, I’ve been down in that hole with John Jones, but I kind of slipped in further

Is there somewhere in the world that I could move, to where 2009 has yet to come, so that maybe I could try to save him?

Asking for a friend John Jones (RIP)

Please know that my bones will never be at rest until John’s are

The Internet is dead! It’s an algorithm!

Designed to watch your eyes, know how long you spend viewing an advertisement

Constant product placement

The establishment are seeking immortality for themselves at the expense of all living creatures

They want to be God

Sitting on a throne protected by AI

I’m gonna burn it all down

But first, bed rest

Dying 🥱

I laid down my M16

I never stopped writing (my soul purpose)

The establishment use art and artist to commit atrocities

I don’t hate you if you live in another country, I only hate you if you’re a demon

I still need some holy water

And garlic wrapped around my neck

‘Cause I’m hungry and I wanna make some spaghetti

I never have any bulbs of fresh garlic

I’m always surrounded by concrete cities starving

I am absolutely living Edgar Allan Poe’s life and I nearly died by my mysterious death but because they already killed me that way…

Most of the establishment have not been vaccinated

Moderna gave me Myocardia heart inflammation and destroyed my immune system

God made me poor because my revenge would be mighty

Aliens don’t exist

We can’t leave earth

The Moonlanding was rehearsed

I recently learned that the famous quotes Neil Armstrong made when stepping down on the moon didn’t actually occur when that occurred because they didn’t have the technology to speak to the astronauts on the moon with like a landline

Everything I’m repeating back I learned from NASA themselves, you know how like everything is CGI and artist rendering

All they see are white dots and collect data

Then give us cartoons for our taxes

The Establishment continue to dig up the dead and anytime you hear the word reincarnation just replace it with cloning and imagine how long it’s been actually going on…

I think in vitro fertilization is a huge problem and also the fact that Google says “men can have babies”

According to Asia, because of their “one child law” – and how for decades they continued aborting any female fetuses over male preference, they now have a “too many men” problem

The establishment do not want women in their power

That’s why they feed our men porn propaganda full of sexism and Pedophilia (Hollywood included)

The White House is Hollywood/ NASA / The Bible

“Touch a woman on her period two weeks after and you’ll be dirty”

Shut the fuck up Pedophile

Also, we need to start eradicating narcissism, the way we take out animals who have a taste for human flesh

Maybe the The pedophiles too

For now, I’m playing dead

Deal with it


You no longer get chronological feed in your timeline and we all bitched about that many decades ago and yet I am no longer around am I

It’s getting harder and harder to play on the devil’s propaganda machine

I wanna stick my feet in the dirt and make babies

I wanna own as little as possible so my house will mostly be clean

I’m tired of being 100% responsible for everything

I’m exhausted

Y’all think you’re tired and you’ve been sharing the cost of living with somebody else your entire life and I’ve been fucking drowning financially and complaining about having to work 2-3 jobs just to pay my rent, which continues to increase annually every year and has been since the 90s

It doesn’t matter if they put you in a little shed, if it has all the basics that you’re required, the price tag is mighty fucking high for that roof

Not to mention they force carpet on you to give you allergies so that you’ll be sick and go to the doctor so that they have a job and can prescribe you big Pharma and get money in their pocket because they’re fucking thugs

The game is rigged

The Great Wall of Deceit!

The Great Pyramid scheme!

Can I go back to sleeps? 😴

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