Confusion 101 (blogging)

When you come and leave, I don’t know if you want me to stay 🤪

Growing ups is hard 😑

12 thoughts on “Confusion 101 (blogging)

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  1. Yeps. Especially when you are your only support system.

    I don’t expect psychopaths or narcissists to relate, they’re incapable of self-reflection, growth, or remorse. LOL


  2. 😎

    I thought someone was picking on me.

    Well I stand corrected (but it still applies to those whom don’t think breaking habits are hard).

    I’m glad you like my picture.


  3. I’ve been on bedrest for ages so that’s why the cosplay and dress up came to a near halt. I appreciate the good feedback! 👍

    I hope to play dress up again one day.

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